Julia Roberts’ pals get sassy

Cinematheque event inspires raunchy humor

It’ll be interesting to see what AMC retains when it airs last week’s presentation of the Cinematheque Award to Julia Roberts’ on Dec. 5.

Mike Nichols began his remarks by quoting David Mamet: “‘Film is a collaborative medium: Bend over.’

“Those words have been a solace to me a thousand times,” said Nichols to the star of his upcoming “Charlie Wilson’s War.” “I offer them to you in the same spirit.”

Natalie Portman recalled the time she gave Roberts a wildly vulgar necklace, with the honoree returning the favor.

While most of the tributes were in person, the best of those on video came from George Clooney and Brad Pitt, who praised Roberts while delivering a really funny re-enactment of Sen. Larry Craig’s airport bathroom imbroglio.

Helmer Herb Ross was

remembered not so fondly as Roberts’ “Steel Magnolias” co-star Sally Field took the stage and referred to Ross as “our not-so-very-nice director.” Shirley MacLaine echoed the sentiment when she categorized him as a bully who didn’t know what he wanted.

Others who took the stage at the event, which netted roughly $1 million, included Cinematheque prexy Henry Shields, board chair Rick Nicita, Tom Hanks, Bruce Willis, Dermot Mulroney and Denzel Washington.

“Is there a hungry baby in the house?” were Roberts’ first onstage words (she gave birth in June). She went on to say, “This is not a one-girl show by any stretch of the imagination” before thanking her agents, husband and Garry Marshall.