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Golden Globe nominees speak out

Nominees share their reactions

“As I get older, I get more appreciative of this because they’re few and far between, so the response is more delightful because when you’re young, you think it’s gonna happen every year and of course it doesn’t, it happens once in a blue moon. It’s nice to know there are some good things about getting older.”

“For me, it was more about committing to being a woman than it was the drag thing. Let’s face it, I spent 32 years being a macho leading man and I thought, what was it that made the producers think I was right for this part? I had to let go of my ego for this part. You invest much more in your ability as an actor than you do in your male identity, so I just tried to do what I do best and fully committed to this character.

“As for the strike, I have faith that as long as communication and consultation are happening, things will work out. I’m not going to go to the place in my mind where it’ll be difficult, I’ll just assume that they’re going to work it out. We just have to respect the process.”

– John Travolta, nommed for supporting actor for “Hairspray”

* * *

“I was in a bed when I got this screaming, crying call from my sister. I thought something terrible had happened. Then my mother called and it was even worse. Eventually I deciphered the news. It was great that they were excited but I didn’t know why they were so hysterical. They just see [gift] bags and swag rooms in their future.

On attending the ceremony: “I’m gonna have to make some calls and talk to some of the other nominees in the category to figure what we should do. I kinda wanna talk to Tom Hanks about it because I imagine he always does the right thing.”

– Ryan Gosling, nommed for actor, comedy/musical for “Lars and the Real Girl”

* * *

“Tim (Burton)’s assistant gave us the news. We’re in the hospital because I’m supposed to have a baby tomorrow. It comes at a time when there’s a larger event happening, an event almost as large as my stomach right now. (Stephen) Sondheim’s a big challenge and learning to sing in three months was difficult but the material was so fantastic and my passion for Sondheim and the part got me through it. The part was so well written, you can’t really go wrong, though I knew I had to take it in a different direction than Angela Lansbury. I’ve been a fan of Sondheim since I came out of the womb myself. At the moment I’m concentrating on one contraction at a time. It’s a long journey. I don’t know about the ceremony. We haven’t really gotten that far. I think we’ve got a big thing to get through first and then we’ll see.”

-Helena Bonham Carter, nommed for actress, comedy/musical for “Sweeney Todd”

* * *

“It’s a film that treats its audience like they’re clever and have intelligence. That’s not something I see all the time. It engages your heart and has a emotional and impactful punch but not at the expense of your brain.

“I try to keep my head pretty low but (success) can freak you out a bit. The decisions that I make over my life haven’t really changed. I just do more flying around the world.”

(On crossing picket lines): “I don’t think I’d want to do that. It’s an environment I wouldn’t want to stick my nose into. I’m not from this country and for me to stick my nose and throw my small weight around wouldn’t be right.”

– James McAvoy, drama actor, “Atonement”

* * *

“It’s lovely. I was actually at the Today show when the nominations were announced. I’m so excited and I’m so happy the film got three nominations and Diablo (Cody) got recognized. Her screenplay is one of the best I’ve ever read. I never thought it would lead to all these awards because that’s not why I’m an actor and that’s not how I pick roles. It’s one of those things where everything clicked. I have a dinner tonight and then I head back to Nova Scotia where I’m sure there’ll be a celebration of sorts. [As for the ceremony,] I’m completely supportive of the writers and I hope it’s resolved soon in a completely fair way.”

– Ellen Page, nommed for actress, comedy/musical for “Juno”

* * *

“My agent Brian Siberell from CAA called me at whatever the hell time it was. It’s wonderful that so many of us have been recognized. We were all in agreement that we wanted to be as faithful in spirit to the novel as possible, because we respect it. I’m not sure whether or not I’ll attend the ceremony but I’m going to take advice and see what develops, but I’m very aware of the circumstances.”

– Christopher Hampton, nommed for screenplay for “Atonement”

* * *

“This whole year has been a new experience. I’ll probably get a good look at it after the dust settles. It’s hard to take praise without sharing without the director. No perf happens with just the actor.”

– Casey Affleck, supporting actor, “The Assassination of Jesse James”

* * *

“Both films are so different from one another but each are memoirs told in an original voice. Marjane (Satrapi) has such a great voice and sense of humor. She makes the material so accessible.

“For ‘Diving Bell,’ I’m feeling great that it’s building momentum. It’s complicated in that it’s in French and there’s a certain amount of confusion in that it was nominated for foreign films in Golden Globes but not eligible for Oscar as a foreign film.”

– Kathleen Kennedy, producer on “Persepolis” and “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly”

* * *

“We tried to do a show where people wouldn’t know what was going to happen, where story structure was unique. Every single actor on the show is at the top of their game. The show depends on their preparation and understanding of their characters. As a writer I never write around any of these people.

“It feels incredibly different than ‘The Sopranos.’ To me, this is very personal.

“I will not cross the picket line. I’m mystified at the aggressive stance from the producers, shocked by it. It’s a crucial period in entertainment.”

– Matt Weiner, exec producer, drama series “Mad Men”

* * *

“It’s a great surprise. I was in bed and I got called at 5:40 by my publicist. There’s no one I’d rather speak to that early. The film opens a week from tomorrow so it’s really nice having something like this before the movie opens. It just gives it a little extra push. I loved working with these actors and working with Mike Nichols was like getting paid to go to grad school. He’s the greatest and I just loved every minute of it. I’ll wait and hear and see if others are going to the actual ceremony but it would certainly be a shame if they didn’t. Charlie just had transplant surgery but he was at the premiere the other night and he looked great. He’s been very supportive of the movie.”

– Aaron Sorkin, nommed for screenplay for “Charlie Wilson’s War”

* * *

“It’s nice. Vlad Ivanov and I are in Jerusalem and we were very happy to get this news here. We have a screening tonight but we already started celebrating. What we’re very happy about is how the nominations will bring attention to the American audience. This is a film made for the public. Most likely we’re going to be in for the Golden Globes ceremony because we’re going to be in town for the LA Critics Awards.”

– Cristian Mungiu, nommed for foreign-language film for “4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days”

* * *

“I always had a feeling it was more a foreign film, so it didn’t surprise me that much. It’s rather European, with no American characters in it.

“Viggo (Mortensen) and I start on a high level. We phone each other all the time and our gears meshed very smoothly. He’s so detailed and a wonderful combination of calculation and spontaneity.”

“It would be very hard for me to cross a WGA picket line. Everybody will have the same problem. It’s very unfornuate and an issue that won’t go away.

David Cronenberg, director of drama “Eastern Promises”

* * *

“I was in a London hotel doing press for “The Kite Runner.” I’m just really joyful. I plan on celebrating with some friends over a good meal. I think accolades for this film are important because they will get more people to see it. This film goes beyond race and religion and shows that we’re all not that different from each other. I’m currently working on “Bond 22″ so I can’t attend the Dubai Film Festival tonight.”

On attending the ceremony: “I hope that things will work out but I don’t even know if I’ll get permission to leave “Bond” to attend the ceremony. I don’t think it would be the right thing to cross the picket line.”

– Director Marc Forster whose “The Kite Runner” is up for foreign-language film

* * *

“In the space of about five minutes I got 14 phone calls. It’s been amazing. I just spoke to Matt (Weiner) and we were both laughing that it was almost two years ago when we were doing the pilot.

“You handle success by being the same person you were your whole life or you turn into a giant asshole.”

“There’s no way I would cross a picket line. Not only in respect to Matt, but I’m in 100% agreement with him in this fight. It would be a drag not to go but you have to take a stand.”

– Jon Hamm, best actor in TV drama, “Mad Men”

* * *

“When your phone rings at five in the morning, your brain automatically thinks, this is not good news, but fortunately it was.”

On attending the ceremony: “I think other people will decide that for us. There’s going to be a lot of discussion and you end up hoping to do what’s right. This has happened before. I don’t know if it’s going to go down the same way but it has happened before. There’s no way to divorce yourself from how tough a holiday season it is in this town right now. It’s the atmostphere we’re all in, and that’s all of us. Every day more and more people are affected by it. My next stop, ironically, is the picket line at Fox.”

– James L. Brooks, nommed for animated film for “The Simpsons Movie”

* * *

“Feels fantastic not only the show but Ted (Danson) and Rose (Byrne) too. I took it on the strength of one script.”

“I take great pride in the fact tht I did TV in the beginning when people thought it would ruin my film career. I’ve always had a great respect for television, and I particularly like it now, as it has some of the best writing aorund. I love the pace of TV and the mental challenge. You have to learn lines a lot faster.

“I would never cross a picket line.”

– Glenn Close, nominated for TV drama actress, “Damages”

* * *

“I’m thrilled. (Edith) Piaf went right into people’s hearts and she showed so much emotion. Most of the people in France know Piaf’s songs, but they don’t know much about her life.”

“It was difficult because we had to find the right balance of makeup and light, and it was a hard job to make a 30-year-old look that old. For me, after the tech problems were resolved, it was so much fun.”

– Marion Cotillard, actress comedy/musical, “La Vie en Rose”

* * *

“It never gets old. It’s always exciting that the hard work of everyone gets paid off.”

– Shonda Rhimes, exec producer, TV drama “Grey’s Anatomy”

* * *

“After I heard, I made the call back to my mom.

“I pray the strike is over because you don’t want actors rambling on. It’ll be all about what we feel. We need them. None of us would be there today without them.”

Amy Ryan, supporting actress nominee, “Gone Baby Gone”

* * *

“I got a call around 5:30 but I was up believe it or not. I think it’s such an unbelievable gift to be able to play a character that you can jump into and completely commit to. The greatest compliment I’ve received was from Tim Robbins who taught me comedia del arte, and its this kind of method of acting that allows me to fully enter the character and get pretty big and expansive with him. He works all aspects of the spectrum.

Regarding the WGA strike and crossing a picket line to attend: “I don’t know about whether or not I’ll be attending because to be honest with you, I don’t know a lot about the rules and limitations of what is happening. I need to look into it. Writers are kind of these unsung heroes. People don’t see how much these guys work and they’re just trying to cover their bases for themselves and for the future. I hope they get what they deserve and I’ll do anything I can to help that.”

Jeremy Piven, nominated for supporting actor in a TV series for “Entourage”

* * *

“I could not be happier. It’s been a pretty fun morning. My wife and I were sleeping when my phone rang around 5:45. I answer the phone and it’s Denzel calling to congratulate me. My wife rolled over and said that’s the first time Denzel has woken me up in the morning. It’s a very pleasant surprise because we we were a late entry because we just finished the movie but it’s a very pleasant surprise and it’s been a wild morning. We’re gonna take my two boys out and have a nice dinner and put them to bed. What I’m most happy about is being able to show the movie to the kids and their school, and that’s what most excites me after the nomination. It’s entertaining and it’s educational. It’s a great family film so for the HFPA to recognize it is really nice. I’m just ecstatic.”

– Todd Black, nommed for Best Motion Picture, Drama for “The Great Debaters”

* * *

“I feel great this morning! I was home at 5:30 in the morning, checking my Blackberry, but it was very exciting to see both movies get Best Picture recognition, and in the case of “Sweeney Todd,” it was rewarding to see Tim and Johnny and Helena be nominated. Coincidentally, we have our official “Sweeney” premiere tonight so we’ll be celebrating at the Academy and we’re looking forward to some wonderful reviews. What’s going to be most exciting for “The Kite Runner” is releasing the film to audiences because people feel toward the film the way they did to the book. They’re find it emotionally satisfying and everyone comes out of the movie feeling sort of evangelical about it. They have to tell people about it and convert them. If there is a ceremony then we’ll be there supporting our filmmakers, without a doubt. It means a lot to us that the HFPA has recognized these two films.”

– Stacy Snider, DreamWorks CEO and producer of “Sweeney Todd” and “The Kite Runner”

* * *

“It was actually a voice mail message on my cell phone because I had taken the red-eye from L.A. to New York en route to Dubai where “The Kite Runner” is closing the Dubai Film Festival. We’re going there to show the movie to the kids from the movie, so there’ll be a double cause for celebration, although I think my celebration will involve sleep. My love for Sondheim and “Sweeney Todd” in particularly was the instigating force in putting this project together. I saw the original tour with Angela Lansbury and suffice to say, it shattered whatever preconceptions I had about what musical theater was. The “Sweeney” nomination didn’t seem like a sure bet to anyone, far from it, but we did think it would attract great talent and nothing could be more true than that.”

– Walter Parkes, nommed for Best Motion Picture, Musical/Comedy for “Sweeney Todd”

* * *

“I’m damn well. I’m thrilled and I’m very proud of the film. It’s nice to be nominated. I was taking my afternoon nap. I woke up and there all these messages on my phone and then the fun began. People are very genereous when these things happen. I’m down in the country, so I might open a bottle of champagne with my wife. I like to take these things coolly rather than get overexcited.”

Regarding the WGA strike: “It’s quite different when you’re not living in L.A. but I’m really upset for the younger writers with mortgages and loans and I support them fully. I’m not talking to anybody about work.”

– Ronald Harwood, nommed for screenplay for “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly”

* * *

“It’s both a complete shock and extraordinary. Both Samantha (Morton) and I were hauled over the coals for accepting these roles, as those people are still widely considered evil, even though the murders were in 1965. Their crimes still say so much to people.

“HBO does the best dramas. Everyone has such high regard for them.

“I certainly wouldn’t cross the picket lines. “

– Andy Serkis, supporting actor for miniseries “Longford”

* * *

“They all feel good. You can’t get enough of this recogntion. I’m very proud of this picture. It’s so unique and was so unlikely to be made as a movie.

“It’s difficult to take any material from stage to screen, and singing (Stephen) Sondheim is a special feat. He’s so difficult to sing. The wonderful thing about this is that I didn’t consider it a musical, but a method of storytelling. It’s very operatic.”

– Richard Zanuck, producer, best musical/comedy, “Sweeney Todd”

* * *

“I’m over the moon. Its exciting! C’mon, its thrilling! It’s also a good party I understand. You can’t ever imagine that a movie this size is going to have hype.” Regarding the Writers’ Guild strike, Smith said, “Our hope is that there’s gonna be some sort of dispensation. Every day we’re hoping they work something out but we’ll have to see. We’ll be playing close attention to that.”

Russ Smith, nominated for motion picture, comedy/musical for “Juno”

* * *

“I’m in shock. This is going to sound weird but it’s the truth. I’m working on three movies so I haven’t thought about this stuff much, but I couldn’t sleep and “It Happened One Night” was on so I started watching that and then suddenly the blackberry started going off so I wound up catching the live announcement. Call it “It Happened One Morning.” Obviously I couldn’t be prouder of the cast. It was a joint effort and as far as I’m concerned it’s already a great win.

“I’m going to be celebrating by being on set until 3 in the morning. We’re shooting a night scene in the rain and it’s going to be a nightmare, but I’ll be doing what I do best, which is work, or at least what I do most.

“I think it would be a smack in the face if there was striking at the ceremony because it would be undermining the achievements of their own guild and that would be reprehensible. I think it’s a horribly counterintuitive idea to strike something that celebrates their own membership.”

– Adam Shankman, nommed for motion picture, comedy/musical for “Hairspray”

* * *

“I couldn’t really believe it. It’s a nice sense of calm. I think it’s a great novel and, to be honest, I was incredibly lucky to work on the material. It’s a story that speaks to us on a personal level.

“I think we were, as a team, very passionate about the film and story. I don’t think we looked up from the little world we created around ourselves.

“You need to make all actors feel loved, respected and supported. That applies to the 12-year-old Saoirse Ronan or a slightly older Vanessa Redgrave. Acting is an exposing and vulnerable job. You need to make them feel safe.”

– Joe Wright, nommed for director, “Atonement”

* * *

“I was sitting here at Focus with about 35 very happy colleagues. Producer Paul Webster actually has a credit on both ‘Atonement’ and ‘Eastern Promises’ — working with producers like him, I count myself very lucky to be sitting in my chair.”

On Eastern Promises’ nomination: “I know it’s a surprise out there but for us, it’s dead center with everything we’ve been hearing. While we’re grateful and excited, it’s not that much of a shock to us. Every time we screen this picture, the Hollywood community has told us that it’s a masterpiece.”

“I truly believe that ‘Atonement’ is the definition of an all-categories movie. In our business they don’t come more emotional or smarter than that film. It has it all. It uses its intelligence to connect with its audience.”

– James Schamus, head of Focus Features which led all studios with nominations

* * *

“I was in my hotel room in Toronto where I’m rehearsing for a concert. Ironically, this is where the movie was made and a year and a half later, here I am nominated for a Golden Globe. I’m totally shocked and I’m dying inside. This whole experience has just been life-changing. It’s just been fabulous and wonderful.”

– Nikki Blonsky, nommed for actress in a comedy/musical for “Hairspray”

* * *

“I’ve been lucky to make three films the way I wanted to make them. This one always felt more like an international film than an American one. We thought it would do better overseas than it did here.

“One of the messages of the film that most critics understood was that it wasn’t anti-critic, but was saying if you’re a critic or artist, don’t get far away from what you love, and if, as a director, if you’re focused on box office or awards and not the film itself, you’ll take your eye off the ball.

“And most importantly, this nomination shouldn’t be taken as an endorsement for rats cooking our meals for us.”

Brad Bird nommed for best animated film, “Ratatouille”

* * *

“I’m in New York and I haven’t slept all night. Everybody was yelling and I was so tired because I took a red-eye from San Francisco. I mean, I’m also happy, I just don’t have the energy to yell myself. Animation is not a genre, it’s a medium, so it fits me very well. We always felt that “Persepolis” was a universal movie that anyone could relate to and understand, so I think this nomination confirms that. You never know why something works but when it does, it’s delightful.”

– Marjane Satrapi, nommed for foreign-language film “Persepolis”

* * *

“I was sleeping when my agent called me. I was very surprised because I didn’t know the nominations were today. I plan on having a great dinner and some good wine. It’s an important film so I felt pressure to do a good job.”

– Alberto Iglesias, nommed for song for “The Kite Runner”

* * *

“What helped contribute to the success of the show is the actors were willing to take some chances and be bold in a character-driven legal thriller. When that alchemy comes together, you don’t know if it will work or not but it was an interest to us.”

Todd Kessler, nominated for best TV drama, “Damages”

* * *

“It’s so interesting that a couple of years ago we were accused of bringing the musical back with ‘Chicago,’ and now you have this year with ‘Sweeney Todd,’ ‘Hairpsray’ and ‘Across the Universe.’ There was no musical for so many years and we’re so proud of what Chicago has done for the musical.”

Craig Zadan, nommed for musical/comedy “Hairspray”

* * *

“It feels amazing. Two years ago I wouldn’t have thought anything like this could happen.”

Saoirse Ronan, nominated for supporting actress, “Atonement”

* * *

“It’s tremendous as we weren’t on the pundits lists and didn’t have big ads. I feel in a way that we were the engine that could. People vote from their heart and I feel very gratified”

“People come in with a prejudice about messing with the sacred Beatles, but they all loved the movie. We got tremendous support from that community. When so many movies are telling about the reality of war, I’m very proud to be putting out a movie with relatively unknown actors that kind of spark part of our lives.”

Julie Taymor, nominated for best comedy/musical, “Across the Universe”

* * *

“Opening the film, you hope she’ll get awards and noms but you can get lulled into all this, so, yes, it’s great to actually see it happen. Opening in June is early and risky but the reaction was great.

“The fact that she’s been getting around town and meeting people helped. In ‘Monster,’ when Charlize Theron won the Oscar, the physical change was so great, and then people around Marion saw she’s not hunched over, so that helped.”

Bob Berney, producer of “La Vie en Rose,” on actress nominee Marion Cotillard

* * *

“I think we’re getting better. The HFPA is astute in recognition of new programs, of what’s new and different.

“The difference in tone between last year and this year is big. Last year House was melancholy in the Christmas episode and in this year’s episode, it’s as good as it gets for House. He’s a warmer, playful House.”

– Katie Jacobs, exec producer, TV drama nominee, “House”

* * *

“Ever since Cannes Cristian [Mungiu] has been all over the world, but I think it’s indicative of the quality of the film and the reaction globally. I hesitate to use the term masterpiece for anything but this is a film that works on so many different levels, from the direction to the cinematography to the performances, it’s just amazing work and we’re thrilled that the HFPA recognized that and acknowledged it as well. We never anticipated this when we saw the film at Cannes at its first screening. We didn’t walk out saying ‘we must have this film,’ we walked out and we were all really moved and nobody could get the movie out of their heads. It sticks with you and you can’t shake it. We didn’t think it was going to win the Palme d’or, we just thought it was a great film and one that our distribution model was designed for. It falls right in our sweet spot and we’re lucky to have it. Cristian is an immensely talented filmmaker and this is his masterpiece. We couldn’t be more thrilled.”

– Jonathan Sehring, IFC topper on the foreign-language film nom for “4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days”

“I’m having a good morning, right? I was at home when my sister called me. We’re really happy. The movie was a big undertaking and it was a huge collaboration between Julie and the crew and Sony and Revolution. We’re pleasantly surprised this morning and thrilled for the recognition. It’s like Christmas morning, getting so many nice calls and e-mails. It’s a great year for movies and we’re in great company. It’s just exciting. And we got a Grammy nomination! We’ll take it all. It’ just been an amazing pleasure and we weren’t necessarily counting on it. Some people have great passion for the film and it’s always hard trying to make something original like Julie did, so I’m glad it spoke to the HFPA.”

– Jennifer Todd, nommed for motion picture, comedy/musical for “Across the Universe”

* * *

“It’s very exciting. The typewriter being incorporated into the score was something we talked about very early on. The idea as it is now in the film developed over several conversations. (Director) Joe (Wright) set the challenge and he sent me away with this seed of an idea and gave me license to develop it. The very first thing that happened was taking his suggestion and sampling the typewriter just to see how you could make music with it. And then we had to see if it would fit with the rest of the music. I think it gives it an extra layer of truth and it encourages you to question whose truth you’re watching. The typewriter is a reminder of that and it becomes more powerful at the end of the film.”

– Dario Marianelli, nommed for score for “Atonement”

* * *

“What a thrill and an honor! We have three-and-a-half month-old baby so my wife was reading the nominations while we changed a diaper. We’re thinking we’ll get a babysitter and go out for dinner and probably have a little bit of wine. The process was an unusual one in some ways because Emile [Hirsch] had to lose so much weight, so it was kind of a punctuated shoot and they were constantly doing rough edits. It was an interactive process that gave us more time to think about the music, rather than have to cram it into the last three weeks of post-production. It gave us a sense of what was working and what wasn’t and it kind of gradually knit together quite nicely.”

– Michael Brook, nommed for score for “Into the Wild”

* * *

“You want to be respected by your peers and be respected in your field.” To be nominated for a Golden Globe or an Emmy, they’re the biggest awards in the world. Well, there’s the Nobel Peace Prize. But I haven’t been doing anything good for the world, so I am at a disadvantage.”

– Ricky Gervais , nommed for TV comedy actor for “Extras”

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