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ANIMATED PROGRAM (for Programming Less Than One Hour)

“Avatar: The Last Airbender, City Of Walls And Secrets,” Nickelodeon,” Nickelodeon Animation Studio
Michael Dante DiMartino, Executive Producer
Bryan Konietzko, Executive Producer
Eric Coleman, Executive Producer
Aaron Ehasz, Co-Executive Producer/Head Writer
Tim Hedrick, Written by
Lauren MacMullan, Directed by
Yu Jae Myoung, Animation Director/Timing Director

“Robot Chicken, Lust For Puppets,” Cartoon Network, ShadowMachine Films
Seth Green, Executive Producer/Writer/Directed by
Matthew Senreich, Executive Producer/Writer
Keith Crofford, Executive Producer
Mike Lazzo, Executive Producer
Corey Campodonico, Producer
Alex Bulkley, Producer
Tom Root, Head Writer
Douglas Goldstein, Head Writer
Hugh Davidson, Writer
Jordan Allen-Dutton, Writer
Mike Fasolo, Writer
Dan Milano, Writer
Erik Weiner, Writer

“The Simpsons, The Haw-Hawed Couple,” Fox, Gracie Films in association with 20th Century Fox
James L. Brooks, Executive Producer
Matt Groening, Executive Producer
Al Jean, Executive Producer
Ian Maxtone-Graham, Executive Producer
Tim Long, Executive Producer
John Frink, Co-Executive Producer
Don Payne, Co-Executive Producer
Dana Gould, Co-Executive Producer
Kevin Curran, Co-Executive Producer
J. Stewart Burns, Co-Executive Producer
Michael Price, Co-Executive Producer
Bill Odenkirk, Co-Executive Producer
Marc Wilmore, Co-Executive Producer
Joel H. Cohen, Co-Executive Producer
Laurie Biernacki, Animation Producer
Rick Polizzi, Animation Producer
Mark Kirkland, Supervising Director
Matthew Faughnan, Assistant Director
Scott Brutz, Animation Timer
Chris Clements, Directed By
Matt Selman, Written by

“South Park, Make Love, Not Warcraft” , Comedy Central, Central Productions
Trey Parker, Executive Producer/Directed by/Written by
Matt Stone, Executive Producer
Anne Garefino, Executive Producer
Frank C. Agnone II, Supervising Producer
Kyle McCulloch, Producer
Eric Stough, Director of Animation

“SpongeBob SquarePants, Bummer Vacation / Wig Struck,” Nickelodeon, Nickelodeon Animation Studio in association with United Plankton Pictures, Inc.
Stephen Hillenburg, Executive Producer
Paul Tibbitt, Supervising Producer
Tom Yasumi, Animation Director/Timer
Alan Smart, Animation Director/Supervising Director/Timer
Casey Alexander, Storyboard Director/Written by
Chris Mitchell, Storyboard Director/Written by
Luke Brookshier, Storyboard Director/Written by
Tom King, Storyboard Director/Written by
Dani Michaeli, Written by
Andrew Overtoom, Timer

ANIMATED PROGRAM (for Programming One Hour Or More)

“Good Wilt Hunting (Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends),” Cartoon Network, Cartoon Network Studios
Craig McCracken, Executive Producer/Directed by/Story by
Brian A. Miller, Executive Producer
Jennifer Pelphrey, Supervising Producer
Lauren Faust, Supervising Producer/Written By/Story by
Vincent Aniceto, Producer
Michelle Papandrew, Animation Producer
Darrick Bachman, Story by
Craig Lewis, Story by
Robert Alvarez, Animation Direction
Eric Pringle, Animation Direction
Robert Cullen, Animation Direction

“Hellboy Animated: Sword Of Storms,” Cartoon Network, Starz Media in association with Revolution Studios
Lawrence Gordon, Executive Producer
Mike Richardson, Executive Producer
Lloyd Levin, Executive Producer
Stephen Brown, Executive Producer
Morris Berger, Executive Producer
John W. Hyde, Executive Producer
Mike Wolf, Animation Executive Producer
Stephanie Elliott, Animation Producer
Tad Stones, Supervising Producer/Director/Story by/Screenplay by
Scott D. Greenberg, Producer
Scott Hemming, Producer
Sidney Clifton, Producer
Phil Weinstein, Director
Mike Mignola, Story by
Matt Wayne, Screenplay by
Gordon Kent, Animation Timing Director
Art Vitello, Animation Timing Director
Russell Calabrese, Timer
William Houchins, Timer
Tim Walker, Timer
Junja Wolf, Timer

“Secrets Of The Deep” , Discovery Channel, Impossible Pictures in association with Discovery Channel
Tim Haines, Executive Producer
Martin Davidson, Executive Producer
Gaynelle Evans, Executive Producer
Kera Rennert, Producer
Ceri Barnes, Produced by
Nik Sopwith, Story by
Jamie Smith, Written by
David Allen, Directed by
Mike Milne, Director of Computer Animation

“Where’s Lazlo? (Camp Lazlo),” Cartoon Network, Cartoon Network Studios
Joe Murray, Executive Producer/Story by/Written by/Directed by
Brian A. Miller, Executive Producer
Mark O’Hare, Supervising Producer/Story by/Written by/Directed by
Jennifer Pelphrey, Supervising Producer
Janet Dimon, Producer
Brian Sheesley, Supervising Director/Directed by
Won Dong Kun, Animation Director
Merriwether Williams, Story by
Russell Calabrese, Timer
Phil Cummings, Timer
Lindsey Pollard, Timer
Swinton O. Scott III, Timer


“Entourage” , HBO, Leverage and Closest to the Hole Productions in association with HBO Entertainment
Mark Wahlberg, Executive Producer
Stephen Levinson, Executive Producer
Doug Ellin, Executive Producer
Rob Weiss, Co-Executive Producer
Julian Farino, Co-Executive Producer
Marc Abrams, Co-Executive Producer
Michael Benson, Co-Executive Producer
Denis Biggs, Supervising Producer
Brian Burns, Producer
Wayne Carmona, Produced By

“The Office” , NBC, Deedle-Dee Productions, Reveille, LLC, in association with NBC Universal Television Studio
Ben Silverman , Executive Producer
Greg Daniels, Executive Producer
Ricky Gervais, Executive Producer
Stephen Merchant, Executive Producer
Howard Klein, Executive Producer
Paul Lieberstein , Co-Executive Producer
Jennifer Celotta, Co-Executive Producer
Mike Schur, Co-Executive Producer
Kent Zbornak, Co-Executive Producer
Teri Weinberg, Co-Executive Producer
B.J. Novak, Supervising Producer

“30 Rock” , NBC, Broadway Video, Little Stranger, in association with NBC Universal Television Studio
Lorne Michaels, Executive Producer
Tina Fey, Executive Producer
David Miner, Executive Producer
JoAnn Alfano, Executive Producer
Marci Klein, Executive Producer
Robert Carlock, Executive Producer
Jack Burditt, Co-Executive Producer
John Riggi, Co-Executive Producer
Adam Bernstein, Supervising Producer
Jeff Richmond, Producer
Jerry Kupfer, Produced By

“Two And A Half Men” , CBS, Chuck Lorre Productions, Inc., The Tannenbaum Company in association with Warner Bros. Television
Chuck Lorre, Executive Producer
Lee Aronsohn, Executive Producer
Eric Tannenbaum, Executive Producer
Kim Tannenbaum, Executive Producer
Mark Burg, Executive Producer
Oren Koules, Executive Producer
Don Foster, Co-Executive Producer
Eddie Gorodetsky, Co-Executive Producer
Susan Beavers, Co-Executive Producer
Mark Roberts, Co-Executive Producer
Michael Collier, Producer

“Ugly Betty” , ABC, ABC Studios
Silvio Horta, Executive Producer
Marco Pennette, Executive Producer
Jim Parriott, Executive Producer
Ben Silverman, Executive Producer
Jim Hayman, Executive Producer
Salma Hayak, Executive Producer
Jose Tamez, Executive Producer
Teri Weinberg, Co-Executive Producer
Sheila Lawrence, Co-Executive Producer
Oliver Goldstick, Co-Executive Producer
Alice West, Co-Executive Producer


“Boston Legal” , ABC, David E. Kelley Productions in association with Twentieth Century Fox Television
David E. Kelley, Executive Producer
Bill D’Elia, Executive Producer
Janet Leahy, Exec
utive Producer
Mike Listo, Co-Executive Producer
Steve Robin, Supervising Producer
Janet Knutsen McCann, Producer

“Grey’s Anatomy” , ABC, ABC Studios
Shonda Rhimes, Executive Producer
Betsy Beers, Executive Producer
Mark Gordon, Executive Producer
Peter Horton, Executive Producer
Krista Vernoff, Executive Producer
Mark Wilding, Co-Executive Producer
Allan Heinberg, Co-Executive Producer
Joan Rater, Supervising Producer
Tony Phelan, Co-Executive Producer
Rob Corn, Produced By
Debora Cahn, Supervising Producer
Kip Koenig, Supervising Producer
Linda Klein, Producer

“Heroes” , NBC, Tailwind Productions in association with NBC Universal Television Studio
Tim Kring, Executive Producer
Dennis Hammer, Allan Arkush, ExeEcuxteivceutPivreodPurocedrucer
Greg Beeman, Co-Executive Producer
Jesse Alexander, Co-Executive Producer
Jeph Loeb, Co-Executive Producer
Michael Green, Co-Executive Producer
Bryan Fuller, Co-Executive Producer
Natalie Chaidez, Co-Executive Producer
Jim Chory, Produced By

“House,” Fox, Heel and Toe Productions, Shore Z Productions, Bad Hat Harry Productions in association with NBC Universal Television Studio
David Shore, Executive Producer
Katie Jacobs, Executive Producer
Paul Attanasio, Executive Producer
Bryan Singer, Executive Producer
Daniel Sackheim, Executive Producer
Russel Friend, Co-Executive Producer
Garrett Lerner, Co-Executive Producer
Thomas L. Moran, Co-Executive Producer
Doris Egan, Co-Executive Producer
Lawrence Kaplow, Producer
Gerrit van der Meer, Producer
Peter Blake, Supervising Producer
Leonard Dick, Supervising Producer

“The Sopranos” , HBO, Chase Films and Brad Grey Television in association with HBO Entertainment
David Chase, Executive Producer
Brad Grey, Executive Producer
Ilene S. Landress, Executive Producer
Terence Winter, Executive Producer
Matthew Weiner, Executive Producer
Henry J. Bronchtein, Co-Executive Producer
Diane Frolov, Supervising Producer
Andrew Schneider, Supervising Producer
Martin Bruestle, Producer
Gianna Maria Smart, Producer


“Broken Trail”, AMC, Butchers Run Films and Once Upon a Time Films in association with Sony Pictures Television
Stanley M. Brooks, Executive Producer
Robert Duvall, Executive Producer
Robert Carliner, Executive Producer
Chad Oakes, Producer
Walter Hill, Produced By
Damian Ganczewski, Producer

“Prime Suspect: The Final Act (Masterpiece Theatre)”, PBS, ITV Productions and WGBH Boston co-production
Andrew Benson, Produced By
Rebecca Eaton, Executive Producer
Andy Harries, Executive Producer

“The Starter Wife”, USA, Hay Pop Pty Limited in association with McGibbon/Parriott Productions and 3 Arts Entertainment, for NBC Universal Television Studio
Josann McGibbon, Executive Producer
Sara Parriott, Executive Producer
Jon Avnet, Executive Producer
Stephanie Davis, Executive Producer
Howard Klein, Executive Producer
Gigi Levangie Grazer, Executive Producer
Jeff Hayes, Co-Executive Producer
Marsha Oglesby, Producer


“Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee” , HBO, Wolf Film/Traveler’s Rest Film in association with HBO Films
Tom Thayer, Executive Producer
Dick Wolf, Executive Producer
Yves Simoneau, Co-Executive Producer
Clara George, Produced By

“Inside The Twin Towers” , Discovery Channel, A Dangerous Films Productions for BBC / RTL / France 2 and Discovery Channel in association with Blakeway Productions
Richard Dale, Executive Producer
Denys Blakeway, Executive Producer
Tim Goodchild, Producer

“Longford” , HBO, A Granada Production in association with Channel 4 and HBO Films
Peter Morgan, Executive Producer
Andy Harries, Executive Producer
Helen Flint, Produced By

“The Ron Clark Story”, TNT, Granada America and MAGNA Global Entertainment
Howard Burkons, Executive Producer
Brenda Friend, Executive Producer
Adam Gilad, Executive Producer
Sunta Izzicupo, Executive Producer
Jody Brockway, Executive Producer
Frances Croke Page, Executive Producer
Craig McNeil, Produced By

“Why I Wore Lipstick To My Mastectomy”, Lifetime, Produced by Grossbart Kent for Lifetime Television
Jack Grossbart, Executive Producer
Linda L. Kent, Executive Producer
Peter Werner, Co-Executive Producer
Terry Gould, Produced By


“The Colbert Report” , Comedy Central, Central Productions LLC and Hello Doggie, Inc. with Busboy Productions and Spartina Productions
Jon Stewart, Executive Producer
Stephen Colbert, Executive Producer
Ben Karlin, Executive Producer
Meredith Bennett, Executive Producer
Allison Silverman, Co-Executive Producer
Richard Dahm, Co-Executive Producer

“The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” , Comedy Central, Central Productions LLC and Hello Doggie, Inc.
Jon Stewart, Executive Producer
Ben Karlin, Executive Producer
David Javerbaum, Executive Producer
Kahane Corn, Co-Executive Producer
Josh Lieb, Co-Executive Producer
Rory Albanese, Supervising Producer
Jim Margolis, Supervising Producer

“Late Night With Conan O’Brien” , NBC, Conaco, Broadway Video, in association with NBC Universal Television Studio
Lorne Michaels, Executive Producer
Jeff Ross, Executive Producer
Frank Smiley, Supervising Producer
Daniel Ferguson, Supervising Producer
Tracy King, Producer

“Late Show With David Letterman” , CBS, Worldwide Pants, Inc.
Barbara Gaines, Executive Producer
Maria Pope, Executive Producer
Jude Brennan, Executive Producer
Rob Burnett, Executive Producer
Jerry Foley, Supervising Producer
Matt Roberts, Supervising Producer
Eric Stangel, Producer
Justin Stangel, Producer
Sheila Rogers, Producer

“Real Time With Bill Maher” , HBO, Kid Love Productions and Brad Grey Television in association with HBO Entertainment
Bill Maher, Executive Producer
Scott Carter, Executive Producer
Sheila Griffiths, Executive Producer
Brad Grey, Executive Producer
Marc Gurvitz, Executive Producer
Dean E. Johnsen, Co-Executive Producer
Billy Martin, Co-Executive Producer


“The Comedy Central Roast of William Shatner” , Comedy Central, Tenth Planet in association with Comedy Central
Joel Gallen, Executive Producer
Rick Austin, Producer

“The Kennedy Center Honors: A National Celebration Of The Performing Arts” , CBS, A George Stevens, Jr. Presentation for Kennedy Center Television Productions
George Stevens, Jr., Producer

“Lewis Black: Red, White & Screwed” , HBO, Rickmill Productions in association with HBO Entertainment
Lewis Black, Executive Producer
Joanne Astrow, Executive Producer
Mark Lonow, Executive Producer
Kimber Rickabaugh, Executive Producer
Paul Miller, Executive Producer

“Tony Bennett: An American Classic” , NBC, RPM Productions and Lucamar Productions
Danny Bennett, Executive Producer
Jodi Hurwitz, Producer
John DeLuca, Executive Producer
Rob Marshall, Executive Producer

“A Tribute To James Taylor (Great Performances)”, PBS, A Production of Warner Music Group in association with Thirteen/WNET New York
John Beug, Executive Producer
David Horn, Executive Producer
Gary Borman, Executive Producer
Barry Schulman, Executive Producer
Barbara Rose Granatt, Producer
Kristi Harman, Producer
Tim Swift, Producer
Dana Tomarken, Producer
Katie Campbell, Supervising Producer

“Wanda Sykes: Sick And Tired” , HBO, A Sykes Entertainment / Music Link Productions and Image
Entertainment in association with HBO Entertainment
Wanda Sykes, Executive Producer
Liz Stanton, Executive Producer
Michael Drumm, Producer
Andrea Allen, Producer


“79th Annual Academy Awards” , ABC, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Laura Ziskin, Producer
Michael B. Seligman, Supervising Producer

“The 64th Golden Globe Awards” , NBC, Dick Clark Productions, Inc.
Allen Shapiro, Executive Producer
Barry Adelman, Executive Producer
Al Schwartz, Produced By
Ken Shapiro, Produced By

“Jerry Seinfeld – The Comedian Award” , HBO, The Comedy Festival
John Moffitt, Executive Producer
Bob Crestani, Co-Executive Producer
Douglas C. Forbes, Supervising Producer

“Prince Super Bowl XLI Halftime Show” , CBS, Don Mischer Productions in association with NFL Network and White Cherry Entertainment
Don Mischer, Executive Producer
Ricky Kirshner, Executive Producer
Glenn Weiss, Executive Producer

“The 60th Annual Tony Awards (2006)” , CBS, White Cherry Entertainment in association with Tony Awards Productions
Ricky Kirshner, Executive Producer
Glenn Weiss, Executive Producer


“Hannah Montana”, Disney Channel, It’s a Laugh Productions; Michael Poryes Productions; Disney
Michael Poryes, Executive Producer
Steven Peterman, Executive Producer
Sally Lapiduss, Co-Executive Producer
Douglas Lieblein, Co-Executive Producer
Richard G. King, Produced By

“Nick News With Linda Ellerbee: Private Worlds: Kids And Autism,” Nickelodeon, Lucky Duck Productions in association with Nickelodeon
Rolfe Tessem, Executive Producer
Mark Lyons, Producer
Martin Toub, Produced By
Kara Pothier, Produced By
Wally Berger, Supervising Producer

“The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody”, Disney Channel, It’s a Laugh Productions; Disney Channel
Danny Kallis, Executive Producer
Irene Dreayer, Executive Producer
Pamela Eells O’Connell, Executive Producer
Jim Geoghan, Co-Executive Producer
Walter Barnett, Produced By

“That’s So Raven”, Disney Channel, That So Productions; Warren & Rinsler Productions, in association with Disney Channel
Marc Warren, Executive Producer
Dennis Rinsler, Executive Producer
Patty Gary-Cox, Co-Executive Producer
Michael Carrington, Co-Executive Producer
Michael Feldman, Supervising Producer

“When Parents Are Deployed”, PBS, Sesame Workshop
Christina Delfico, Executive Producer
Joseph Pipher, Producer


“AFI’s 100 Years….100 Cheers: America’s Most Inspiring Movies” , CBS, An AFI Production in association with the Gary Smith Company
Gary Smith, Executive Producer
Frederick S. Pierce, Executive Producer for AFI
Dann Netter, Producer
Bob Gazzale, Producer

“Blood Diamonds”, The History Channel, Bill Brummel Productions for The History Channel
Margaret G. Kim, Executive Producer
Bill Brummel, Executive Producer
June Molgaard, Producer

“Brando”, TCM, A Greif Company Production in association with Turner Classic Movies
Tom Brown, Executive Producer
Leslie Greif, Producer
Mimi Freedman, Producer
Joanne Rubino, Producer
Melissa Roller, Supervising Producer

“Ghosts Of Abu Ghraib” , HBO, Moxie Firecracker Productions in association with HBO Documentary Films and The Fledgling Fund
Rory Kennedy, Producer
Liz Garbus, Producer
Jack Youngelson, Producer
Diana Barrett, Executive Producer
Sheila Nevins, Executive Producer
Nancy Abraham, Senior Producer

“Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed”, The History Channel, Prometheus Entertainment for The History Channel
Elizabeth Dietrich Segarra, Executive Producer for THC
Jim Ward, Executive Producer
Tom Warner, Executive Producer
Kim Sheerin, Co-Executive Producer
Scott Hartford, Co-Executive Producer
Kevin Burns, Producer
Steven Smith, Producer
David Comtois, Producer


“American Masters”, PBS, American Masters is produced for PBS by Thirteen/WNET New York
Susan Lacy, Executive Producer for American Masters
Prudence Glass, Series Producer for American Masters
Julie Sacks, Supervising Producer for American Masters
Donald Rosenfeld, Produced By
Daniel Wolf, Produced By
Ric Burns, Produced By
Peter Brant, Executive Producer
Larry Gagosian, Executive Producer
Diane Von Furstenberg, Executive Producer

“Biography”, A&E, Prometheus Entertainment in association with Fox Television Studios and A&E Network
Kevin Burns, Executive Producer
Deirdre O’Hearn, Executive Producer”, A&E
David Silver, Executive Producer”, A&E
Kim Sheerin, Co-Executive Producer
Steven Smith, Supervising Producer
Andy Berg, Supervising Producer”, A&E
Rick Hull, Producer
Dave Hoffman, Narrator

“Deadliest Catch” , Discovery Channel, Original Productions, Inc. in association with Discovery Channel
Thom Beers, Executive Producer
Paul Gasek, Executive Producer Discovery Channel
Jeff Conroy, Co-Executive Producer
Lisa Tanzer, Supervising Producer
Ethan Prochnik, Senior Producer
Tim Pastore, Producer
Matt Renner, Producer
Kyle Wheeler, Producer
Christian Skovly, Producer
Todd Stanley, Producer
Cameron Glendenning, Producer
Zac McFarlane, Producer
Doug Stanley, Producer
Kelly Coskran, Producer

“Inside The Actors Studio”, Bravo, A Co-Production of The Actors Studio”, Bravo, In The Moment Productions
James Lipton, Executive Producer/Host
Frances Berwick, Executive Producer
Christian Barcellos, Executive Producer
Sabrina Fodor, Produced by
Jeff Wurtz, Produced by

“Planet Earth” , Discovery Channel, A BBC/Discovery Channel/NHK Co-Production
Maureen Lemire, Executive Producer
Alastair Fothergil, Series Producer
Mark Linfield, Producer


“Antiques Roadshow”, PBS, WGBH Educational Foundation
Marsha Bemko, Executive Producer
Sam Farrell, Supervising Producer
Mark L. Walberg, Host

“Dog Whisperer With Cesar Millan”, National Geographic, Produced by MPH Entertainment, Inc. in association with Emery/Sumner Productions for the National Geographic
Sheila Possner Emery, Producer
Kay Bachman Sumner, Producer
Sueann Fincke, Series Producer
Jim Milio, Executive Producer
Melissa Jo Peltier, Executive Producer
Mark Hufnail, Executive Producer
Char Serwa, Supervising Producer
Cesar Millan, Host

“Extreme Makeover Home Edition” , ABC, Endemol USA
Denise Cramsey, Executive Producer
Conrad L. Ricketts, Co-Executive Producer
Dan Morando, Co-Executive Producer
Robert Day, Produced By
Diane Korman, Senior Producer
John “JP” Gilbert, Producer
Kathryn Vaughan, Producer
Jenifer Faison, Producer
Patrick Higgins, Producer
Ty Pennington, Host
Max Swedlow, Supervising Producer
Andrew Lipson, Producer
Matt Fisher, Producer
Herb Ankrom, Producer

“Kathy Griffin: My Life On The D-List”, Bravo, Picture
This Television”, Bravo
Marcia Mule, Executive Producer
Bryan Scott, Executive Producer
Lisa M. Tucker, Executive Producer
Kathy Griffin, Executive Producer
Lenid Rolov, Supervising Producer
Beth Wichterich, Supervising Producer
Kelly Luegenbiehl, Supervising Producer
Cori Abraham, Executive Producer
Frances Berwick, Executive Producer
Amy Introcaso-Davis, Executive Producer

“Penn & Teller: Bullshit!”, Showtime, Showtime Presents in association with Penn & Teller, A Division of Buggs and Rudy Discount Corporation, Star Price Productions, The Wolper Organization
Mark Wolper, Executive Producer
Star Price, Executive Producer
Penn Jilette, Executive Producer
Teller, Executive Producer
Tim Rogan, Co-Executive Producer
Peter Adam Golden, Co-Executive Producer
Ken Krasher Lewis, Co-Executive Producer
Michael Goudeau, Co-Executive Producer
Jon Hotchkiss, Co-Executive Producer
Steven Uhlenberg, Co-Executi
ve Producer
Patti Duce, Supervising Producer
Joshua Kessler, Supervising Producer
Shari Adagio, Supervising Producer


“The Amazing Race” , CBS, Amazing Race Productions Inc. and Touchstone Television Productions, LLC in association with Jerry Bruckheimer Television and WorldRace Productions, Inc.
Jerry Bruckheimer, Executive Producer
Bertram van Munster, Executive Producer
Jonathan Littman, Executive Producer
Hayma “Screech” Washington, Executive Producer
Amy Nabseth Chacon, Co-Executive Producer
Phil Keoghan, Producer/Host
Elise Doganieri, Co-Executive Producer
Evan Weinstein, Co-Executive Producer
John Moffet, Supervising Producer
Bob Parr, Producer
Allison Chase, Senior Producer
Barry Hennessey, Senior Producer
Bill Pruitt, Senior Producer
Patrick Cariaga, Producer
Jarratt Carson, Producer
Cris Graves, Producer
Jarrod Harlow, Producer
Bob Mora, Producer
Michael Norton, Producer
Michael Noval, Producer
Cynthia A. Palormo, Producer
Giselle Parets, Producer
Matt Schmidt, Producer
Mark Vertullo, Supervising Producer

“American Idol,” Fox, FremantleMedia N.A., Inc. & 19TV Ltd.
Nigel Lythgoe, Executive Producer
Ken Warwick, Executive Producer
Cecile Frot-Coutaz, Executive Producer
Simon Fuller, Executive Producer
Richard Curtis, Executive Producer
Charles Boyd, Supervising Producer
James Breen, Supervising Producer
Patrick M. Lynn, Senior Producer
Megan Michaels, Producer
Ryan Seacrest, Host
Simon Cowell, Judge
Randy Jackson, Judge
Paula Abdul, Judge

“Dancing With The Stars,”
ABC, BBC Worldwide Productions, LLC
Conrad Green, Executive Producer
Izzie Pick, Co-Executive Producer
Richard Hopkins, Executive Producer
Matilda Zoltowski, Supervising Producer
Rob Wade, Supervising Producer
Tom Bergeron, Host
Samantha Harris, Host
Len Goodman, Judge
Bruno Tonioli, Judge
Carrie Ann Inaba, Judge

“Project Runway,” Bravo, Magical Elves for The Weinstein Company/Miramax, Full Picture, Bravo
Harvey Weinstein, Executive Producer
Bob Weinstein, Executive Producer
Dan Cutforth, Executive Producer
Jane Lipsitz, Executive Producer
Heidi Klum, Executive Producer
Jane Cha, Executive Producer
Desiree Gruber, Executive Producer
Rich Bye, Executive Producer
Rich Buhrman, Executive Producer
Barbara Schneeweiss, Executive Producer
Frances Berwick, Executive Producer
Andrew Cohen, Executive Producer
Shari Levine, Executive Producer
Casey Kriley, Supervising Producer
Alexandra Lipsitz, Supervising Producer
Michael Rucker, Producer
Ben Mack, Producer
Andrew Wallace, Producer

Top Chef, Bravo, Magical Elves, Bravo
Dan Cutforth, Executive Producer
Jane Lipsitz, Executive Producer
Shauna Minoprio, Executive Producer
Rich Buhrman, Co-Executive Producer
Gaylen Gawlowski, Supervising Producer
Steve Lichtenstein, Supervising Producer
Scott Shatsky, Supervising Producer
Padma Lakshmi, Host
Tom Colicchio, Co-Host
Gail Simmons, Co-Host
Elizabeth Cook, Senior Producer
Frances Berwick, Executive Producer
Dave Serwatka, Executive Producer
Andrew Cohen, Executive Producer

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