The Art Directors Guild has selected 15 nominees in the period, fantasy and contempo categories, marking the first separate awards for the first two.

Winners will be announced Feb. 17 at the BevHilton, with Steven Weber hosting.

Nominees in the period category are Huo Tingxao for “Curse of the Golden Flower,” John Myhre for “Dreamgirls,” the late Henry Bumstead for “Flags of Our Fathers,” Jeannine Oppewall for “The Good Shepherd” and Nathan Crowley for “The Prestige.”

Myhre won the ADG award last year for period/fantasy for “Memoirs of a Geisha” and went on to win the Oscar. He also received a nomination in TV for “Tony Bennett: An American Classic.”

Fantasy noms went to Jim Clay and Geoffrey Kirkland for “Children of Men,” Eugenio Caballero for “Pan’s Labyrinth,” Rick Heinrichs for “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest,” Guy Hendrix Dyas for “Superman Returns” and Owen Paterson for “V for Vendetta.”

Contemporary nods went to Brigitte Broch for “Babel,” Peter Lamont for “Casino Royale,” Allan Cameron for “The Da Vinci Code,” Kristi Zea for “The Departed” and Alan MacDonald for “The Queen.” David Bomba won the category last year for “Walk the Line.”

Single-camera TV series noms went to Joseph Hodges for “24,” Maria Caso for “Deadwood,” Ruth Ammon for “Heroes,” Carlos Barbosa for the pilot of “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” and Mark Worthington for “Ugly Betty.”

Multi-camera nods went to Glenda Rovello for the pilot of “The Class,” Stephan Olson for “How I Met Your Mother,” John Sabato for “Mad TV,” Cabot McMullen for “The New Adventures of Old Christine” and John Shaffner for “Two and a Half Men.”

Nominees for telepic/miniseries: Philip Dagort for “Stephen King’s Desperation,” Keith Neely for “The Lost Room” and Edward L. Rubin for “Return to Halloweentown.”

In variety/awards/music special or documentary, nods went to Myhre for “Tony Bennett,” Shaffner and Joe Stewart for “The 58th Annual Emmy Awards,” Bruce Ryan for “Comic Relief 2006” and John Janavs for “Hell’s Kitchen” and “Unanimous.”