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BUYER: Will Ferrell
SELLER: Ellen Degeneres
LOCATION: Woodstock Road, Los Angeles, CA
PRICE: $9,900,000 (list)
SIZE: 4,769 square feet, 4 bedrooms 4.5 bathrooms (total)
DESCRIPTION: Sensational private gated compound w/ idyllic country fell minutes from the strip. 3 parcels with about 103,986 sq. ft. (over 2.25 acres). Gorgeous stylish main house w/ lge public rooms, exceptional master suite, 2nd bed suite & media room. Poolhse has 2 good rooms & bath + another hse, separate lot used as the ultimate recreation structure. Vast botanical gardens, huge rolling lawns + state-of-the-art surveillance security.

PLEASE NOTE: Your Mama is inundated with chatter box kinfolk and we’re having a tough time finding 20 minutes to string together to clear our mind and write something coherent, let alone cough up something clever. So give Your Mama a break today children, because we’re at the end of our ever lovin‘ rope and we’re about to let go.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: The other day Your Mama was yakking with our very funny and charming cohort and researcher Lucy Spillerguts. In the course of our frenzied conversation, Ellen Degeneres‘ one time 4-property compound up on Woodstock Road and Woodrow Willson Drive in the Hollywood Hills came up. In the shallow world of celebrity real estate, it’s nearly impossible not to always be talking about the constantly on the move talk show queen and her lovely ladee lover Portia Di Rossi. Lawhdy children, it’s practically a full time damn job for Your Mama to keep track of these always packing and unpacking laydees. It’s a damn miracle those two know which direction to point their auto-mo-beel after a long night at Girl Bar.

Everyone knows that Miz Degeneres sold “The Treehouse,” one of her not particularly child friendly properties on Woodrow Wilson Drive, to Brokeback Mountain hottie Health Ledger and his new mommy wifey Michelle Williams. We don’t mean to be cold hearted, but now that that good looking couple is headed for the deevorce court, Your Mama wonders if their West Coast crib will be hitting the market soon.

The other Woodrow Wilson Drive property was recently sold to young and big chested soap stud Adrian Bellani, a sale which Your Mama mentioned in another of our many, many discussions about property owned or once owned by Miz D.

But Your Mama long wondered who bought the gorgeous low slung house on Woodstock Road, where Miz Ellen actually lived with her previous ladee friend, photographer Alexandra Hedison. (This was after the “now she is now she isn’t a lezbeeun” Anne Heche debacle.)

Well don’t you know that Lucy Spillerguts, a virtual encyclopedia of celebrity real estate deals, was able to tell Your Mama that the Woodstock Road residence was purchased in March of 2006 by comedy sensation Will Ferrell. Now babies, we like Will Ferrell. He’s funny in a dumb ass sort of way, and we can do dumb ass sometimes. But someone needs to tell that man to stop running around in his cheap underwear. One day he’s going to show up on a talk show in his skid marked underpants and it’s just not going to be very funny.

Anyhoo, Your Mama does not know what Mister Ferrell payed for Ellen’s house of high design on Woodstock Road, but the place was listed at $9,900,000. So you know whatever huge amount he paid, it was more than most of you will see in two or three lifetimes. The property consists of a sprawling 1940s house on three lots totaling nearly 2.25 acres. In addition to the simply shaped swimming pool and pool house, there is also a “recreation house” which includes a large screened porch area and a larger enclosed area with a pool table. The lesbians just love to play pool don’t they? Also on the secluded and serene property is a small screened shack for getting away from it all…well, away from everything but phone lines. Note the multi-line telephone which is useful for calling the house gurl to bring you some green tea.

According to property records, Miz D. purchased this multi parcel property in March of 2003 for an undisclosed sum of money. Interestingly, she bought the house from Will and Grace co-creator Max Mutchnick, who happens to be the very same gentleman from whom she and the lovely Portia bought their most recent residence, a huge renovated house in Beverly Hills which Your Mama hears they bought for between $26-$30,000,000. We also hear they didn’t use any real estate brokers on the deal. )Gasps heard all around the Platinum Triangle.) We can’t yet confirm the purchase price or the lack of brokers, but, it is what we hear from one of our many very well connected sources.

Previous to Miz Degeneres and Mister Mutchnick, the Woodstock Road house was owned by Emmy winning screenwriter Jerry Belson (Tracey Takes On…, Love American Style, The Dick Van Dyke Show), so the house has a long history of Hollywood movers and shakers living up between its well renovated walls.

Your Mama has discussed so many properties owned or sold by Miz D. that we simply can’t be bothered to pick apart this particular property. Suffice to say we L.O.V.E. this house and would sell our cuzzin’s Bible beating brats for that dressing room.

Now we got to git so that we can entertain the familial troops. Be nice to the old people.