BUYER: Russell Weiner
LOCATION: Beverly Park Terrace, Beverly Hills, CA
PRICE: $15,000,015 (sale)
SIZE: 16,000 square feet (approx.), 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Long winding driveway unfolds to 2 level acres of glorious lawns, gardens & the most spectacular estate. Beautiful city & ocean views. Apprx. 16,000 sq. ft. home w/ 4 brs or more + 2 mds, lrg master w/ his & her baths, library/media room, gym, wine cellar, amazing outdoor entert. areas w/ lrg pool & tennis ct.

As a result of Your Mama discussing one of the several Hollywood Hills homes owned by Russ Weiner that he has on the market for many millions of dollars, several of the children inquired about Mister Weiner’s new house up in the uber swank celebrity enclave of Beverly Park.

Your Mama confesses that we did not know a thing about young Mister Weiner purchasing a Bev Park behemoth. So natch, fingers a’flying, we got on the email and started dialing the phones to our crack team of snitches, sneaks and informants. Before long we heard back from the always reliable Lucy Spillerguts and our amazing Fairy Godmother in Beverly Hills who came through with some of the much wanted information.

Here’s what Your Mama knows:

1. According to property information, a 16,000 square foot house with six bedrooms and 7 bathrooms in Beverly Park was purchased in February of 2007 for $15,000,015. The property had once been owned by booze baron Adam Bronfman and his wifey Cynthia.

2. The admittedly hefty purchase price seems a relative bargain when you consider that in April of 2006 humongous house lover Kelsey Grammer sold the house next door for $22,000,220, the house on the other side is currently on the market for the spine tingling price of $50,000,000, and the house across the street, owned by the Coors family, is also on the market for the only slightly less obscene asking price of $34,000,000.

3. Your Mama’s sources confirm that young Mister Weiner, who created the Rockstar Energy Drink and whose father is the right wing screamer Michael Savage, currently lives up in the Bev Park house that sits on and level two acre lot which includes a swimming pool and tennis court, and according to listing information, views of the city and the ocean.

4. What’s unclear to Your Mama is whether Mister Weiner actually purchased this house, or if he’s simply leasing the deeluxe estate. Given Mister Weiner’s penchant for large and expensive properties, we presume that he’s purchased the property.

5. The house does not appear to have been on the open market at the time of the sale, but back in late 2003, the hacienda style casa was on the market for $17,450,000.

What Your Mama wants to know is how is it possible that Mister Wiener’s second rate and cockamamie concoction of sucralose and acesulfame potassium allows him to buy and own tens of millions of dollars in real estate? Seriously, how?