Several weeks ago Your Mama discussed the Beverly Hills Post Office property that Dynasty ack-tress Linda Evans recently put on the rental market for $14,500 per month. At the time, the listing lacked photographs.

But the other day our Fairy Godmother in Bel Air sent us over a few photos of the house that have popped up with the listing and Your Mama figured the children would be interested in seeing what Miz Evans’ bought with her Dynasty money.

And hunnies, as you can plainly see, she did not buy herself a Carrington-worthy mansion. In fact, it’s just a little brick ranch house with a big circular driveway to impress the neighbors and an itty bitty backyard that’s all swimming pool and a little shaded brick patio

The house looks remarkably dark for sun splashed Los Angeles, and the furniture looks like a strange amalgamation of pieces purchased at high end thrift stores…the sorts of places where all the aged Republican Bev Hills biddies drop of the reproduction pieces when their huzband finally coughs up the cash to buy a jen-u-wine antique.

But then again, this is a rental property for Miz Evans, who resides in Washington state so that she can be closer to her spiritual guru, so we can understand why she’s filled the place up with less treasured furniture. Who wants to worry about some asshole tenant spilling red wine on a “good” sofa, you know?

Your Mama does wonder why Miz Evans keeps this house at all. Does she harbor fantasies of a come back to the small screen? Does she use the place when she’s in town for a tune up? What gives?