Your Mama finally got some clarification about the Malee-boo property where the increasingly troubled and now child-free pop tart Britney Spears has been living since she vacated the marital house of horrors she shared with FedEx up in the guard gated Serra Retreat.

The Malibu Minx, one of Your Mama’s favorite and knowledgeable tipsters, tells us that the trashy party princess has NOT purchased the 8,500 square foot house on gated Ramirez Canyon Road as we had previously thought.

Turns out the mega-rich lip syncher, who reportedly earns a shocking and astounding $700,000 per month, has leased the place for nine months at a cost of $35,000 per month (unfurnished), with an option to purchase.

We know that the gurl stays in hotels most nights and she still has her place up in The Summit in Bev Hills which is still for sale at $7,495,000, but she’s still paying $35,000 a month to occupy the house in Malee-boo, regardless of how many nights she actually sleeps there.

Your Mama also hears from the Malibu Minx that Miz Spears had to put an massive six figure deposit down on the property. The deposit will count towards the purchase of the home if she buys the property. But if the fickle money burner decides not to buy the property, the Malibu Minx says she forfeits the deposit.

Now children, most people, even rich people, will not walk away from humongous sum of money like this, but Your Mama no longer know what crazy thing Miz Spears will do. Given her bizarre behavior and her tremendous monthly income, what’s a couple hundred thousand clams to the troubled mommy?

One other interesting tidbit we picked up from the Malibu Minx…apparently when push came to shove, Miz Spears did not want to sell the Serra Retreat house. According to the Malibu Minx, she tried to back out of the contract before the the sale closed. Lawyers got involved, tears were shed, and people got angry, but the sale did in fact finally proceed and close.

We got no love for the sort of pop “music” that Miz Spears “makes.” But damn gurl, Your Mama would like to see you get back up on your feet for the sake of your babies.