SELLER: Tyler Perry
LOCATION: Beverly Ridge Terrace, Beverly Hills P.O., CA
SIZE: 22 acres
PRICE: $15,000,000
DESCRIPTION: Rare opportunity to own approximate 22 acres in one of the most exquisite and prestigious neighborhoods in Beverly Hills with expansive mountain/city views. This magnificent property is currently under construction, with plans for an approximate 22,000 Sq/ft Tuscan style home (the foundation and steel framing is already in place). Tennis court pad has been graded. Long dramatic driveway leads to this impressive promontory. Price is “As Is” – Not a complete home.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Apparently size matters to Mister Kanye West. Your Mama hears from a tipster we’ll call Baby Bear, that the hissy fit throwing singer/rapper, who was once again rebuffed at the VMAs, recently spent some time wandering comedian Tyler Perry’s nearly undeveloped 22-acre property in the super luxe guard gated Beverly Ridge Estates that has popped up on the market for $15,000,000.

Property records show that Mister Perry, who made vast sums of money dressing up as a sassy and saggy boobed old woman named Madea, purchased the 22-acre hill top plot of land in April of 2004 for an undisclosed sum of money. Listing information shows that Mister Perry intended to build a 22,000 square foot Mediterranean behemoth on the property, and in fact the land has already been graded and the foundation and steel framing already in place. Apparently he’s changed his mind.

Mister Perry has been making all sorts of real estate moves lately, including selling an ocean front house in Malee-boo in April of 2007 which property records reveal was sold for $4,800,048. Although reports at the time stated Mister Perry wanted to spend more time at the large spread he owns outside af Atlanta, GA, property records indicate that in November of 2006 Mister Perry actually purchased a 8,751 square foot monstrous modern confection high up on Blue Jay Way in the Bird Streets for a $9,600,096. Lesson to ambitious drag queens around the world, sometimes wearing a dress can really pay off big.

Anyhoo, the children will remember that the guard gated Beverly Ridge Estates is the very same uber exclusive development where boy Paris (Latsis) bought gurl Paris (Hilton) an 11,206 square foot Mediterranean mansion back when they were stoopidly toying around with the idea of getting married. Now of course, gurl Paris has long moved on to her new house in Mulholland Estates, and no one who reads the tabs cares about boy Paris anymore.

No word on whether Kanye West, who very recently plunked down $7,150,000 for a 3,299 square foot fixer on N. Crescent Drive in the flats of Beverly Hills, will actually purchase Perry’s 22 acre property. If you ask Your Mama, and of course, no one did, we think think he should. Twenty two acres and 22,000 square feet should be just about enough space to house Mister West’s prodigious ego.