SELLER: Tanya Tucker
LOCATION: Patton Road, Arrington, TN
PRICE: $11,500,000 (approx. sale price)
SIZE: 500 acres, 22,600 square feet (reported)

***It’s a bit difficult for Your Mama to be pithy and snarky at a time when all of Southern California seems to be ablaze. Although we will continue to try to entertain and amuse (everyone needs a giggle, even in dire times), please know that we are deeply concerned for everyone affected by the devastation in San Diego, Lake Arrowhead, Orange County, and Malibu. Your Mama totally understands that our little sassy little gossip blog pales in comparison to what’s really important during a time of disaster. Health and safety to all, and don’t forget the many pets and livestock that are also affected by the overwhelming situation.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: In addition to the wildfires ripping through Southern California, Your Mama has Tanya Tucker on our mind this morning. Strange as it may sound, we often have old-school country crooner Tanya Tucker on the brain, and the iPod.

Tanya Tucker’s riveting rendition of Delta Dawn is one of Your Mama’s first musical memories. As a wee thing, Your Mama and Sister Woman rode around in our mama’s suped-up chocolate brown Oldsmobile with Tanya Tucker blaring on the 8-track and singing our little hearts out. Nowadays Your Mama and the Dr. Cooter have traded up to a big BMW, but we we’re often singing our little hearts out as we ride around with Delta Dawn blaring from the stereo that is hooked up to a cute little iPod.

Multiple recent reports say that Miz Tanya Tucker finally sold her 500-acre farm in Arrington, a speck on the map about 30 miles south of country capital Nashville, Tennesee. According to one report, Miz Tucker has been trying to unload her big farm since at least 2001 when she put the place on the market for $13,500,000 as a FSBO (for sale by owner) so she could save herself the steep real estate fees.

At some point the lauded singer must have pulled the place off the market because the palatial Plantation style pad, which sprawls over 4 floors and 22,260 square feet, was recently featured in the family’s reality show called Tuckerville. Good heavens children, does everyone have a damn reality show? Your Mama confesses that despite our somewhat embarrassing fondness for reality shows, we never watched a single episode of Tuckerville.

Deer Park Farm, which is the name Your Mama has been told Miz Tucker named her 500 acre estate, sits in the boonies of suburban and rural Nashville and her closest celebrity neighbors were the flawless counter singer Jeane Pruett, new country’s Kenny Chesney, and rocker Sheryl Crow is rumored to have a big spread on Cross Keys Road in College Grove, which is about 15 miles from the old Tucker farm.

Property records we accessed were slim on details so we haven’t a clue how many bedrooms and bathrooms the place had, but given it’s tremendous square footage, we assume there were many of each. However, the Tennessee Tatler, who sweetly provided Your Mama with the few photos we have of the farm, says that the lowest level of the four floor behemoth housed Miz Tucker’s fleet of trucks and the top floor is where she stored her music memorabilia including all her old beaded and spangled costumes.

Several reports say that Miz Tucker’s 500 acre estate sold for “nearly $11,500,000” to an Earle Ridge Investments, an Ohio based company that plans on converting the wooded property, along with an adjacent 160-are parcel, into a golf course development. Miz Tucker’s humongous house is expected become the centerpiece and clubhouse of the planned 18-hole golf course community which is expected to have almost 500 homes. Are there that many people in rural Nashville who are ready, willing, and able to buy 500 houses with sale prices expected to start at $550,000? In the current sagging marketplace? Good luck to ’em.

Miz Tucker has famously relocated to Malee-boo after a tumultuous cross-country drive where she was allegedly robbed by her feuding former fiancee Jerry Laseter and a female co-conspirator.
There has been some confusion about which house on Carbon Mesa Road Miz Tucker and her family have leased. However, several sources, including one who knows about the doings on Carbon Mesa Road, confirm that the Tuckers have leased a 4,646 square foot Monterey Colonial merged with a classic California ranch style house (pictured above) on 2.8 acres with a somewhat sophisticated western decor, 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, panoramic ocean views and a 100 foot backyard water slide. Do we even need to tell the children what we think of back yard water slides?

Both the street and Miz Tucker’s temporary digs are no stranger to the rich and famous. Our Carbon Mesa informant tells us that perpetually troubled Britney Spears once leased the house as did Jude Law and Siena Miller during one of their many attempts at reconciliation. Our informant and property records reveal that Sean Penn owns the property next door that burned to ground in the 1993 Malibu fires and where his Airstream trailer burned in the fires this week. Ed Harris and Amy Madigan’s ocean view compound is just down the hill. Your Mama was also told that David Duchovny and Tea Leoni have a Carbon Mesa outpost, but we’ve not been able to confirm this with property records.

Your Mama can’t imagine why Miz Tucker, who has a regularly performs in Las Vegas, would shack up in Malee-boo, but we hear from more than one source that she’s filming another season of the family’s reality show at the house. Tuckerville By the Sea?

Due to the fires in Malibu, Miz Tucker’s teenage daughter Presley and the four family dogs were evacuated from their leased house. Reports say Miz Tucker was in Las Vegas at the time of the evacuation.