For the last several days, Your Mama has been reading the myriad and many reports about Richard Gere being seen going in and out of and looking to buy a unit at “Palazzo Chupi,” the strange and unusual West Village building recently erected by bigger than life artist and filmmaker Julian Schnabel.

Interestingly, most reports state that Mister Gere needs to sell his Sullivan Street townhouse before he can buy one of the $10,000,00+ units at the “Palazzo Chupi,” but that’s simply not true. Not only did Mister Gere and his acturuss wifey Carey Lowell sell their five floor townhouse in June of 2007 for $12,850,000, New York Magazine (via the Wall Street Journal) is reporting that the Dalai Lama lovin‘ couple have indeed snapped up on of Mister Schnabel’s units which features double-height ceilings, six-foot tall fireplaces, and an earthenware or marble bathtub. No purchase price was revealed, but Your Mama is certain every real estate gossip in New York is digging and clamoring for that number. We’d like it too, of course.

In addition to Mister Schnabel and wifey Olatz’s private apartment and massive art studio, the building includes four additional units in the 14-story pinkish reddish neo-Romanesque-ish tower. If today’s reports are true, Mister Gere and Miz Lowell are the third buyer into the building that will also reportedly house financial honcho William J.B. Brady who paid a reported $15,500,000 for a unit, and U2 front man/global do-gooder Bono.who has snapped up the penthouse duplex for an unknown, but presumed quite large sum of money.

The building features a communal swimming pool and while we would be mortified to see Mister Schnabel sunning himself in an itty bitty bathing suit, we can not say we feel the same about Mister Gere, whom Your Mama thinks is aging quite nicely, thank you very much.