If the children are watching the news, you know that wild fires are beginning to sweep through Malee-boo and they’re starting to burn the multi-million dollar houses of the rich and famous including, reportedly, Lilly Lawrence’s “Castle Kashan,” which has been for sale for $17,000,000 and which Your Mama wrote about some time ago.

According to news reports, super expensive Pepperdine University is being evacuated and embers have started fires in several ocean front residences on Malibu Road just north of super swank and celebrity friendly Malibu Colony. One of the fires appears to be the house next door or maybe two doors down from a Colony property owned by Leo DiCaprio. Another news reports says that residents of the Colony have already been evacuated.

Our hearts are with the rich, famous and the not so rich and famous in Malee-boo as they cope with yet another devastating fire.

Go firefighters, go!

Sources: KTLA, via CNN (photo)