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BUYER: David Chokachi
LOCATION: S. Ridgeley Drive, Los Angeles, CA
PRICE: $1,080,000 (sale price)
SIZE: 1,651 square feet, 2-3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: Stylish and modern magnificent designer remodel! Formal entry, elegant living room with stack stone fireplace, separate dining room, open gourmet kitchen w/ SS appliances, brilliant use of stone & rock throughout, luxurious master suite w/ separate lounge/office/reading room (3rd bedroom wall opened up to master & French doors that lead to grassy backyard with deck & fountain.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Today we’re gonna discuss the recent real estate doings of another former Baywatch babe, this time a big chested himbo named David Chokachi. Miz Ruth Ryon reported in her most recent Hot Properties column in the LA Times that Mister Chokachi and wifey recently became first time home buyers.

If Your Mama is being honest, we’d never heard of Mister Chokachi before reading Miz Ryon’s report. But a quick online search informed us that the basically good looking bleached blond is of Turkish and Finnish extract. The Massachusetts native with a degree in Political Science worked in Washington D.C. before moving to Los Angeles to pursue acting jobs that required he be buff, shirtless, and hard nippled at all times.

First came Baywatch, where he ran around the beaches of Malee-boo pretending to save drowning children with Pamela Anderson. More recently Chokachi has been seen on a program called Beyond the Break on which his character coaches a quartet of teenage surfer girls. Not only has Your Mama never heard of the program, it airs on a network called The “N,” a channel we apparently don’t have among the 400 channels included in our cable television set up.

Anyhoo, Mister Chokachi and wifey Susan went house hunting recently and purchased a modest and renovated Spanish style house in a nice, low key, and essentially celebrity free neighborhood called The Miracle Mile. The couple paid $1,080,000 for the house, $15,000 less than the asking price.

This centrally located area of LA contains street after street of smallish and well maintained Spanish style houses on smallish lots, many with detached garages at the rear of the property. While no one would ever dream of or be caught dead doing it, LACMA and the Page Museum/LaBrea Tar Pits are conveniently walking distance. For all you peeple out there not familiar with art or Los Angeles, LACMA is the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

The neighborhood may not be deeluxe or glitzy and the backyard, unfortunately, is sans swimming pool. Otherwise, Your Mama likes this house considerably. We appreciate the bonified entrance hall and the decently sized living room with the stacked stone fireplace which smartly brings a natural element into the house.

Ordinarily we do not like open kitchen set ups as we are absolutely not interested in having to look at the stove while watching television or trying to have a conversation with the Dr. Cooter. However, the way this kitchen has been laid out allows for it to be opened up to the living spaces, but still keep it tucked away and out of sight.

We do worry about the hall bathroom not having any windows to the exterior. Imagine how enormously unpleasant it would be to have noxious odors from the guests floating down into the kitchen while you’re making a salad for dinner? So, as long as your guests don’t get sloppy in there, it’s fine, but there had better be a big Diptique candle and a huge bowl of matches in that windowless pooper.

The master suite has been created by knocking through a wall between two of the bedrooms. Your Mama does not might the loss of a third bedroom. Third bedrooms only encourage guests.

We’re sure when Mister Chokachi gets his next role playing a shirtless lifeguard at the town pool, he and the wifey will upgrade their digs to something behind gates.