LONDON — The fast growing online video market looks set to see the launch of yet another new player next week, as U.K.-based startup Jalipo heads to Cannes to unveil what it calls “the world’s first online marketplace for TV and video.”

Developed over a four year period, the company has already attracted some senior level execs, including former Sony Europe president Chris Deering. At next week’s MIP TV, it plans to launch an open beta version of its service, as well as unveil its initial content partners.

Offering both live TV and VOD, the company is targeting what it calls “high value content owners” and has already been piloting the service with ITN, BBC World and Euronews.

“Jalipo’s elegant, open market approach puts content owners in complete control of their global distribution for the first time ever,” said Deering, Jalipo’s chairman. “It also gives them the best deal they could hope for on any platform.”

Unlike other new online services like Joost and Babelgum, Jalipo will charge users to stream content, using a pay-as-you-go system. All content will be charged at a per-minute rate and can be priced and restricted by territory, ensuring traditional TV rights are protected. Content will also be syndicated to other Web sites on a commission basis, to create a network of affiliated sites.

“Traditional charging models for media content are not performing online because they are out of sync with the dynamics of Internet consumption,” said Jalipo CEO Alex Taylor, who believes the new model will prove more attractive to both rights holders and consumers than ad-funded or subscription-based services.