Michael Eisner-backed Internet production shingle Vuguru has teamed with Dinosaur Diorama Prods. for a Web serial focusing on a fictional indie rock band.

“The All-For-Nots,” created by Dinosaur Diorama principals Thom Woodley and Kathleen Grace, will be done mockumentary style as it purports to follows a docu crew chronicling a band’s struggle through a poorly planned 24-city tour. Ambitious plan is to incorporate live music events from around the country into the segs, as well as musicvids from the fictional band and faux outtake footage.

Vuguru said Tuesday that each “All-For-Nots” episode will run from seven to 10 minutes. It’s expected to break down to about 24 weekly segs, with a launch targeted for this fall.

Dinosaur Diorama previously produced Web comedy “The Burg,” which generated some buzz in YouTube circles last year. Vuguru last week wrapped its first project, the 80-episode mystery drama “Prom Queen,” which unfolded over three months in daily 90-second segs that were distributed via MySpace and numerous other viral vid sites. There’s no word yet on distrib partners for “The All-For-Nots.”

In announcing the greenlight, Eisner cited Dinosaur Diorama’s track record in “creating unique and exciting content that has exactly the kind of cross-platform capabilities Vuguru is dedicated to producing.”