SAN ANTONIO — AT&T is making Napster’s entire music catalog of more than 5 million songs available for wireless download starting early next month.

The service, which AT&T is unveiling today, will expand the company’s over-the-air download offerings beyond the independent music it offered through eMusic.com and allow it to compete with offerings from rivals Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nextel Corp.

San Antonio-based AT&T has not yet announced which devices will work with the new music service, but it will not work with Apple’s iPhone, which is tied to Apple’s iTunes service.

“Where we’re really focused is getting a broad set of music offerings for consumers,” said Robert Hyatt, executive director of premium content for AT&T.

Songs will cost $1.99 each, or $7.49 for five per month. Users who download a song directly to their phones will automatically get an e-mail allowing them to put a second copy on their computers.

Customers who have songs through Napster already will be able to transfer them to their phones as well, Hyatt said.

AT&T plans to make more music content available exclusively for mobile download through deals reached directly with artists.