Scott Moore signals Yahoo shift

Executive replaces Vince Broady

In yet another sign that Yahoo is distancing itself from dreams of close collaboration with Hollywood, the Web portal on Monday named online news vet Scott Moore head of the media and entertainment websites run out of its Santa Monica office.

He replaces Vince Broady, who joined Yahoo from CNET in May 2006 to oversee entertainment, vidgames and youth properties.

When Yahoo Media Group prexy Lloyd Braun ankled in late 2006, Broady took over all entertainment operations at the Santa Monica office, though he never assumed the title of media group topper. As Yahoo has reorganized itself in the past year, the media group has died as a separate division.

Moore is the first exec with no entertainment experience to head the office, which was explicitly established to be close to Hollywood. He joined Yahoo in 2005 to work under Braun as head of news and finance. Late last year, he added sports to his portfolio after exec David Katz departed.

Whereas Braun had Broady, Katz, Moore and former music chief David Goldberg all working under him and over the general managers of each Yahoo content site, the g.m.s will now report directly to Moore, eliminating a layer of management.

A spokesman said that Broady is not leaving Yahoo but is looking for a new position internally. He said the move was part of a broader shift within Yahoo’s network division, headed by exec VP Jeff Weiner, who oversees most of the Netco’s consumer-facing assets.

Moore will also add autos and real estate to his portfolio. Neither site was previously overseen by Broady or Braun.

Sources close to the company said that senior execs pressured Broady to leave his post. It’s not yet clear what, if any, job he’ll end up taking within Yahoo.

In the past year under Broady, Yahoo’s Santa Monica office has been largely stuck in stasis amid major changes made by CEO Jerry Yang, who replaced Semel in June, and prexy Susan Decker.

Exec shift was first reported on PaidContent.org.