Judd Apatow has joined Will Ferrell and Adam McKay as a partner in the comedy website FunnyorDie.com.

Site was launched by Ferrell and McKay in April, and has attracted more than 3.6 million unique visitors last month, who logged on to view its user-generated comedic shorts and original short bits from Ferrell and McKay.

“The Landlord,” featuring Ferrell and McKay, quickly became a breakout hit and has been viewed more than 47 million times.

Ferrell and McKay announced Apatow’s coming aboard as a principal partner via a video on the site Tuesday.

The trio are working together on “Step Brothers,” a Ferrell vehicle that McKay is helming and Apatow is producing for Sony.

“Adam and Will and myself have been friends for many years, and we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to create a situation where the friendship could not survive,” Apatow said.

Apatow’s become a comedic force at the B.O., most recently writing and directing “Knocked Up” at Universal and producing Sony’s “Superbad.” His next pic is “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story,” also at Sony.

Shorts that revolve around “Knocked Up” and “Superbad” have already appeared on FunnyorDie.

Apatow will likely bring aboard talent with whom he’s worked on his pics.

“I always like working with new funny people,” Apatow said. The site is “another opportunity to find interesting people to collaborate with.”

Apatow said he’s shot original content with Ferrell and McKay that has yet to be posted.

Banking such material could prove beneficial for the site should the WGA succeed in preventing scribes from creating material for the Web during a potential strike after Oct. 31.

The guild wants its scribes to benefit from digital content deals or from the dollars websites are earning from ads and other revenue.

A strike isn’t worrying Apatow just yet; he’s not under a set schedule to deliver new fare to the site.

“It not like our show can’t be written this week, because there is no show,” Apatow said. “We’ll go down that road when (a strike) is a current reality. We’ll keep working until there’s a strike.”