‘EverQuest’ logs Gordon

Sony hires writer for videogame adaptation

Sony is moving forward with plans to turn its wildly popular online role-playing game “EverQuest” into a feature, tapping “300” scribe Michael Gordon to pen the adaptation.

Former Marvel Studios topper Avi Arad will produce the pic for Columbia Pictures.

Bigscreen version of the massively popular multiplayer game has been in development for several years, but Gordon is the first scribe to take a crack at the material.

Sony Online Entertainment published the original version of the fantasy title in 1999, with a sequel following in 2004.

In the game, players create a character they use to explore the world of Norrath, where they interact with other players or fight off creatures while going on quests for treasure.

“EverQuest” was the most popular online role-playing game from 2000-04, before similar games such as “World of Warcraft” launched.

It’s also long been a major moneymaker for Sony, because in order to play, users must buy the game and pay a monthly fee to participate.

At its peak, title had more than 450,000 subscribers ponying up $10 a month to play.

As one of the most popular games of its type, “EverQuest” has garnered rapt attention from the fanboy blogosphere, particularly IGN, which first reported Gordon and Arad’s involvement.

Arad is a frequent collaborator with the studio, most recently as a producer on “Spider-Man 3” and “Ghost Rider.”

Sony’s Sam Dickerman will shepherd the project for the studio.