George Carlin sometimes speaks of an extra-orbital life, but for as long as he’s down here on the ground, he still has plans.

“I have 2,700 files in my computer, where I keep ideas for jokes and routines,” he says.

His 13th one-hour HBO comedy special, “George Carlin: The Parade of Useless Bullshit,” is currently in pre-production and is set to bow early next year.

Meanwhile, tied to what the comic has defined as his 50th anniversary in show business, on Sept. 25 he released the 14-disc career-retrospective DVD compilation “George Carlin: All My Stuff” (MPI Home Entertainment; $189.98).

The package includes all of the HBO concert specials since 1977 as well as two lengthy interviews with the comedian.

Beyond that, Carlin would like to write a comic novel and a serious memoir. But, for him, nothing takes the place of the charged give-and-take only a live audience can share with a performer. “When I’m writing,” he says, “ideas suggest themselves with a lively feeling in the gut. I can’t wait to tell them.”