Trio to create Raw videos

Shiban, Krantz, Myrick team up

“The X-Files” exec producer John Shiban, “24” exec producer Tony Krantz and “Blair Witch” co-creator Daniel Myrick are teaming for a batch of movies with their Warner homevid label Raw Feed.

Trio will supervise and produce three pics, tentatively titled “Alice’s Apartment,” “Supermarket” and “Otis.”

The three are overseeing the projects in what is an unusual model that brings creative heavyweights together to work collaboratively on a set of projects.

Team is in the process of hiring writers and could go into production as early as this summer.

Insiders said there’s a possibility that Shiban could direct his movie; Myrick and Krantz likely will not.

While all three movies will combine elements of sci-fi, horror and thriller genres, “Alice’s Apartment” is described as more of a thriller, “Supermarket” leans toward sci-fi and “Otis” has strong horror elements.

Goal is to eventually release about four movies per year on the Raw Feed label.

Trio originally signed on for three pics with Warners — “Rest Stop,” “Sublime” and “Believers” — with each of the producers taking the lead on a different movie.

Shiban’s pic, “Rest Stop,” which he wrote and directed, is the biggest-selling homevid original in Warners history, according to the company.

Trio is in talks for “Rest Stop 2,” which producers say may have a theatrical life.

And Krantz himself is directing the theatrical “American Voodoo.”

As DVD sales of traditional theatricals cool off, homevid divisions at studios like Warners and Fox are looking to goose sales of homevid originals with new talent and higher production values.

“It’s a completely different business model” (than a theatrical), Krantz said. “But if we keep our production costs down, it’s a moneymaking proposition for everyone involved.” There’s also the possibility of TV airings, particularly overseas.

Warners has been promoting the Raw Feed movies in a number of venues; a trailer for “Sublime,” for instance, ran on the “Blood Diamond” DVD.