Michael Eisner’s Tornante Co. has struck deals to distrib new versions of its Internet serial “Prom Queen” in Japan and France.

Pact with Japan’s Rights Entertainment calls for the company to distribute the English-language version of “Prom Queen” and its spinoff, “Prom Queen: Summer Heat,” and it licenses the “Prom Queen” format for a Japanese-language remake.

Deal with France’s Cyber-Animation shingle calls for the serials to be dubbed into French and distribbed on TV, homevid, broadband and wireless platforms.

“Prom Queen” and its spinoff are short-form episodic serials produced by Tornante’s Internet content wing, Vuguru, and production shingle Big Fantastic. Both debuted this year in the U.S. through a distrib deal with MySpace, among other Internet vid partners.

“The international demand for ‘Prom Queen’ is a testament to quality online content,” Eisner said in announcing the Japanese and Gallic licensing pacts. “These deals signify new and exciting opportunities for this evolving media landscape.”

Tornante said the international versions of “Prom Queen” are expected to bow next year.