Israeli TV programs available online

Reshet, HIRO team on video download service

Israeli TV station Reshet TV and HIRO-Media Ltd. have announced the availability of free ad-supported video downloads of Israel’s favorite television shows. Enabled by Hiro’s patent-pending technology, Reshet.tv will allow users to download the entire library of ad-supported episodes of popular programs such as “Shidurey Hamahapecha and “Hayisra’elim.”

The new service allows users to download on to their computers full length episodes that can be viewed at any time, whether the viewer is online or offline. The shows can be watched an unlimited number of times and are not constrained by time limits or expiration dates. Reshet is able to monetize the distribution of these programs by using the HIRO technology to insert advertisements into the programs just like traditional broadcast viewings. The advertisements are protected from skipping and can not be stripped out of the content; this allows Reshet to offer the programs online for free.

Programs can be legally distributed and shared by users through any peer-to-peer network or through social networks such as Facebook and Myspace — and still be monetized. Users have the option of registering anonymous demographic information to choose what type of advertisements they see, allowing for more personalized, localized or relevant campaigns.