Michael Eisner’s “Prom Queen” is going to Amazon.

The Web series has been repurposed as a full-length feature and is offered for download exclusively on Unbox, Amazon.com’s digital download service, for $10 to own and $4 to rent for 30 days.

Eisner’s new-media production company Vuguru launched “Prom Queen” in April as an 80-episode mystery drama revolving around five high school girls who are vying for the title of prom queen.

The 90-second installments aired on MySpace, Veoh, YouTube and other vidsites. Last episode bowed June 20.

Online series, created by the production team Big Fantastic, has generated 15 million downloads since April, Vuguru said.

Film version runs around 130 minutes and will be exclusive to Amazon Unbox for the next 30 days.

Unbox offers more than 10,000 TV shows, movies and other video content for rent or purchase. The videos can be viewed via PC or TV through Unbox’s deal with TiVo.

“The wonderful thing about producing in the new-media landscape is that fans can reach shows like ‘Prom Queen’ on a number of platforms,” Eisner said. “Amazon Unbox gives shows like ‘Prom Queen’ longevity and serves as a new mass medium and unique way for the show’s followers to watch.”

It also gives a company such as Eisner’s the chance to further monetize its Web efforts.

Although Amazon won’t disclose financial terms of its deals with content creators, it operates in a manner similar to that of a homevid retailer, said Roy Price, director of Amazon Unbox.

“It’s an incredibly exciting time for producers where you can launch a property on the Web, establish a direct connection to customers and then launch a property on homevideo nationwide the day after your final episode airs,” Price said.