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Thompson’s Challenges

Much of the coverage of Fred Thompson has been that he’s a Reagan-esque figure who sweep in and be a dream candidate for the Republican field.

But now that it looks as if he’s in the race for sure, there will be a host of challenges he will face. In Hollywood, many of the big GOP players already are committed to John McCain and Rudy Giuliani. Brad Freeman, Bush’s big Los Angeles fund-raiser, recently co-hosted an event for Mitt Romney.

On the Politico, Jonathan Martin writes that there’s a finite “universe of consultants, operatives and worker bee activists” from which to draw upon. But he’ll also have to stark reality to raising money, rounding up donors who require the personal touch even if he has a celebrity status.

Martin says, “As indicated by just how many donors were on his conference call yesterday — and I’m told that they were from all over the country — Thompson will have plenty of low-hanging fruit to swipe in his initial fundraising forays.   But donors will expect the same level of commitment as early state activists.   And just like those in the grassroots, they’ll expect a not insignificant degree of care and feeding.  After Thompson picks up checks from his early backers, he’ll have to expend valuable hours on the phone securing commitments, pleading for cash and building up a warchest.  In other words, what his rivals have been doing for months or years.”

Martin also looks at who gets hurt the most by Thompson’s candidacy — McCain, Romney or Giuliani, with no clear conclusion although Giuliani no longer is the sole star in the race.

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