Colbert_2 Stephen Colbert is chatting up his presidential prospects with local politicians in South Carolina.

According to the New York Times’ Caucus blog, “Joe Werner, executive director of the South Carolina Democratic Party, said that a representative for Mr. Colbert, who was raised in Charleston, called three weeks ago to request basic information about filing dates and other requirements. Mr. Werner added, ‘From what I understand, he does have credible people down here, working to have him placed on the ballot.’'”

And there’s this:

“Katon Dawson, the chairman of the state Republican Party, said his office had also received a call from Mr. Colbert’s staff — on Tuesday. The call came just hours before Mr. Colbert taped his own show (in which he said he hoped to run as both a Democrat and Republican) as well as a teaser to his announcement that appeared on ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,’’ which leads into ‘The Colbert Report.’”

Colbert still faces a rather strict set of requirements to get on the ballot, not to mention the challenge of getting both parties to take him, well, seriously.