Barack Obama’s campaign unveiled a new list of its campaign bundlers — the key fund-raisers responsible for rounding up contributions from their friends and contacts.

There’s been considerable focus this year on this group, as they drive the fund-raising process. It’s one thing to write a $2,300 check — it’s another to help raise $100,000. But the disclosure of just who these people are is left to the campaigns — Obama, Clinton and Edwards did so last spring, to varying degrees of detail.

But Obama’s new list goes further than other campaigns in that it goes into more detail: not just the names but a general range of the amount raised. They do not list occupations, or much other detail, but it’s not too difficult to discern these key fund-raisers from entertainment.

You also may wonder, where’s Oprah? Her event raised more than $3 million for the campaign, but she doesn’t make the list of bundlers. She was the “draw,” not the fund-raiser. Money was raised via individual members of the national finance committee, not Oprah herself.

$50,000 to $100,000: Lawrence Bender, David Geffen, Reed Hundt, James Lassiter, Debra Lee, James Mangold, Max Palevsky, PJ and Suhail Rizvi, Joe Roth, Tom Rothman, Jeff Shell, Jim Wiatt.

$100,000 to $200,000: Nicole Avant, Ari Emanuel.

Over $200,000: Hill Harper, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Bill Kennard, Margo Lion, Michael Lynton, Charlie Rivkin.

The complete list is here.