Hillary Rodham Clinton has revealed her numbers and, no surprise, she continues to rake in the big bucks.  AP reports a total $27 million, but $5 million is specified for the general presidential election. Thus her total for the third quarter of this year for presidential primary campaigning is $22 million.

Donations to HRC’s  overall campaign total about $80 million — similar to Obama’s total. But unlike Obama, some $18 million of Clinton’s total are earmarked for the general election. Moreover, $10 million in her coffers was a direct transfer from funds leftover from her 2006 Senate campaign. Then again, the Clinton camp reported that the candidate scored many new donors in the third quarter, signaling a broadening of her base.

Now for the insults. Life in D.C. often resembles a fictonal place made famous by Lewis Carroll — what with a vice president declaring that the Iraq insurgency is in its “last throes,” and an ex-prez parsing the meaning of “is” — but every now and then even the most jaded are taken aback. To wit: Megastar of conservative talk radio Rush Limbaugh — who never served in the military despite being of draft age during the Vietnam war — calling veterans of the Iraq conflict who now oppose it “phony soldiers.”

According to The Hill, a D.C. paper, Democrats are seizing on the comment much like their GOP counterparts did on MoveOn.org’s ad “General Betray Us.”  Several prominent Dems, including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, have demanded that Limbaugh’s employer, Clear Channel, denounce the remark. Limbaugh said Reid “and others of your Democrat Party” are the true demoralizers of troops, referring to Dem calls for withdrawal as “waving the white flag of defeat.”

That would imply that Democrats have at least been in battle. On that count, Limbaugh may be right — even when Congress was still under GOP control, more congressional Dems had military service on their resumes than Republicans. In his complaint to Clear Channel, Reid also pointed to a December 2006 poll showing a majority of Iraq vets disapprove of President Bush’s handling of the war.

William Triplett