Hillary Clinton won the money race in the third quarter, with notables such as Bette Midler, Jon Bon Jovi, Vivica Fox, Renee Zellweger, Amy Madigan, Lynda Carter and Marg Helgenberger among her donors. And Clinton has a fan in Hugh Hefner, who gave her campaign an additional $2,300 after giving that same amount earlier in the year.

Also giving for the first time this presidential race was Sumner Redstone, who contributed $4,600. His lieutenant at Viacom, Phillipe Dauman, gave to Barack Obama and Clinton.

Kerk Kerkorian gave to Joseph Biden, after contributing to the campaigns of John McCain and Bill Richardson earlier in the year.

I’ve just started to look at some of the data, so this is by no means a complete list. Among those who gave to Barack Obama were Oprah Winfrey, Sidney Poitier, Jeffrey Wright and producer Alan Ladd.

Among those giving to John Edwards were Sean Penn and Russell Simmons. Penn also gave to Dennis Kucinich.

Meanwhile, continuing to be one of the year’s most prolific donors, Michael Douglas gave to Kucinich, adding to a list that already includes Clinton, Obama, Richardson and Chris Dodd.

Clinton has some $35 million in the bank for the primaries, to Obama’s $32 million, beating him out in cash on hand for the first time this year.

As was reported two weeks ago, Clinton raised $23.7 million for the primary campaign in the third quarter to Obama’s $20 million.

According to The Politico, when all debts are factored in, Clinton and Obama each have about $32 million in cash, making them about even for the race.

Rudy Giuliani raised more than any other Republican candidate, $11.6 million, and has just that amount left to spend on the primaries. Fred Thompson raised $12.8 million, but his filing included the month of June because of his late entry into the race. Among his donors: “Law & Order” creator Dick Wolf.