Hitting Al

That, and other news, in today’s Political Panorama.

Is he serious? That’s the strategy that the National Senatorial Campaign Committee is deploying against Al Franken as he tries to unseat Sen. Norm Coleman. They launched www.franklyfranken.com recently, hoping to turn some of the former Air America host’s words against him. First up: A YouTube video of Franken in 2005 saying of Iraq, “We can’t afford to lose there,” and last month calling for a withdrawal of troops.

Franken, of course, could see this all coming, perhaps not so early. He also faces a serious challenge for the DFL (Democratic) nomination from attorney Mike Ciresi.

More here from the D.C. Examiner’s Yays and Nays column.

Damon’s Diatribe: In the latest GQ, Matt Damon explains why he supports Barack Obama, and it might as well be a surrogate’s followup to the back-and-forth between Hillary Clinton and Obama last week.

From GQ: “He says he plans to support Obama, because “if he was the face of America, it would mitigate a lot of problems in the world.” He doesn’t totally trust Hillary: “She’s so fucking smart, isn’t she? I always liked her. But I’m just not interested in a leader who can’t admit that they even made a mistake in the first place. That’s what we’ve been dealing with for seven years now.” He likes Edwards: “I would not be disappointed if he was the president. What a bunch of bullshit to call him the Breck girl for getting a haircut. How much did Bush pay for the fucking flight suit?” Like everyone else in Hollywood, he hopes Gore gets into the race. “I mean, Gore’s a special guy,” he says. He tells a story about a conversation he had recently with Scott Burns, one of the people who produced An Inconvenient Truth. “Scott told me he sat in a room with Gore, and Gore was talking about the state of the world and actually started crying. Like, literally. Because to him, there were all these catastrophic failures, and he knew the human toll, right? And it just caught up with him in this moment, and the tears started coming down.”

Press Roomie: Here’s Stephen Colbert, with a surprise visit to the White House press room.

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