Hillary Clinton visited ABC’s “The View” on Monday, and admitted that there were difficulties in women running for president.

“I do think that there still is a tougher standard for women, especially running for president,” Clinton said, in whct the campaign was billing as the kickoff to “Women Changing America” week.

On the charges that she’s too polarizing to be president, Clinton said,  “My attitude is, that is what the campaign is for, to get people to see you for who you are and make their own judgment.”

Clinton said that when she is president, she would ask “distinguished Americans” to travel the world and announce that the country’s “cowboy diplomacy” was over.

According to the Washington Examiner’s Yeas and Nays column, “Behar recalled a backstage conversation with Clinton that began, ‘When you’re president…’ Goldberg said, ‘Speaking of Hillary being president — possibly — …’ Goldberg also opened the show by taking to task Michelle Obama, the wife of Clinton’s top opponent for the Democratic nomination, Sen. Barack Obama. Michelle recently said gave some lip-service to the idea that Clinton is a polarizing figure.”

Video here.