Tuesday’s opening salvo, from AMPTP

In its usual move at the start of the day, the AMPTP began Tuesday with a quick snarky blast at the WGA, dubbing it “the worst supporting union.”

The negotiating group took a dim view of the guild’s decision late Monday to refuse requests for waivers to the Golden Globes and the Oscars — meaning that both shows will probably be picketed and likely be boycotted by many top stars sympathetic to the guild’s cause.

Here’s the AMPTP’s statement —

“In the category of Worst Supporting Union, the nominee is the WGA.  The union, which initiated this strike, continues day in and day out to make good on its commitment to, in the words of a leading WGA organizer, “wreak havoc,” even though those being hurt include WGA’s own working writers, the below-the-line workers and their families, the broader Los Angeles region – and now the creative artists who deserve to be honored for their work over the last year.”