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One more freebie: The Silent Movie Theatre

Schedule here. And here’s a note from head programmer Hadrian Belove:

Every day on the way to work, I pass by the writers striking in front of the CBS building. I usually feel terrible that these guys are out of work, but still have to get up before me in the morning. If you don’t get to sleep in when striking, when do you? I only get up that early when I’m picking someone up at the airport.  I also feel terrible, ’cause I like writers — without whom we wouldn’t have very many good movies, and I found myself thinking about them throughout my day, and how I should bring them the extra cupcakes we’re gonna have to throw away, even though that’s something you do for homeless people, not striking writers, who may look similar, but are actually quite different breeds. Well, I may still go down and give ’em some cupcakes, but I’ve got something better to offer.

Free movies.

This is for you, writers. The Cinefamily will house your huddled masses for the length of the strike, for free, at least for the length of a movie. Just show your WGA card at the door, and c’mon in to as many movies as you like. I’m sure you’ve got a lot of time on your hands, and you’re not really working on the personal script you’ve been putting off,  and I’ve got a new theatre with some extra seats. C’mon by, I say. Sit down for a minute! Use those handy sidetables to take notes. Eat a cupcake.

But you got to pay for the cupcake.

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