BERLIN — Constantin Film is beefing up its top distribution management with the addition of Matthias Peipp, who will be joining Fred Kogel and Thomas Friedl as co-director of Constantin Filmverleih.

As of Jan. 1, Peipp will oversee the division’s license trading operations, including the acquisition and sale of program rights and exploitation of Constantin’s film rights library.

Peipp, who worked as a licensing exec at commercial broadcaster ProSieben and Helkon Media and more recently served as a partner at CineAtlantic, a media consulting company, will report to Kogel, Constantin’s CEO and top licensing exec.

Herman Weigel, who heads license acquisition operations with the majors, and Yoko Higuchi, who is responsible for indie acquisitions, will both report to Peipp following the group’s restructuring of its license trading operations. Higuchi will also assist Peipp in license sales.

Constantin’s vast programming catalog is set to expand considerably in the coming years as a slew of TV and video licenses return to the company.

Kogel said the increasing importance of the group’s licensing business made it necessary to appoint a separate director to oversee and restructure Constantin’s licensing operations, adding that he was no longer able to carry out his dual function on his own in view of other duties.