Christians pray for talks


Their prayers may have been answered.

The writers strike was high on the agenda at the fourth annual National Media Prayer Breakfast on Friday, when Christian industryites gathered at the Beverly Hilton to pray for wisdom, guidance and moral clarity for Hollywood.

Geriann McIntosh, senior veep of administration for Warner Bros. Television, led the crowd of nearly 700 in a prayer calling specifically for negotiations to resume, asking that God “would keep everyone that is affected by the strike in your loving care.”

The WGA and AMPTP’s joint announcement that they would resume talks Nov. 26 came later that evening.

“I do think that this is an answer to prayer, and I think that we’re going to see a faster resolution than we expected,” said Karen Covell, founder and director of the Hollywood Prayer Network. “We’ll see what’s ahead.”

The National Media Prayer Breakfast was sponsored by the Hollywood Prayer Network and Mastermedia Intl.

– Justin Chang