AMPTP makes key strategy blunder, fails to protect “AMPTP.com”


In what may be the AMPTP’s biggest misstep in the WGA strike’s PR war, the organization did not buy the URL for www.amptp.com.

Owned by the Mission Hills property masters/weapons specialists Tactical Edge Group, the address now directs to a mock AMPTP site. Graphically, it’s only a little more sophisticated than the site Stephen Glass created in desperation for Jukt Micronics, but it’s still very funny.

The “press release” follows.

AMPTP Boldly Relaunches Bold New Website

LOS ANGELES, December 10, 2007 —

The Association of Motion Picture and Television Producers announced today that the reason it exited negotiations with the Writers Guild of America was to finalize the relaunch of its website, www.AMPTP.com.

“This is a bold new era for our website,” said AMPTP president Nick Counter. “These last few weeks, we have negotiated with the WGA during the day and worked with boldness all night on making our website more fun and user-friendly. We have made bold, groundbreaking moves in several areas of web design, including words, pictures, so-called ‘hyperlinks,’ logos, and also words and pictures.”

According to Counter, now that the AMPTP is no longer distracted by trying to make a deal with the WGA, it can redouble its efforts to make its website “a bold source of information and the Internet’s number one database for photos of me.”

Visit the AMPTP at www.AMPTP.com.

— Dana Harris