RIO DE JANEIRO — Ad spending in Brazil rose 9.3% to 17.4 billion reals ($8 billion) in 2006, according to the PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Inter-Meios study, far outpacing the country’s 3.1% inflation rate.

Brazil’s overall fine economic performance in 2006 was a key factor in the ad spending increase, analysts said, but the growth was higher than the 3.7% rise in Brazil’s gross domestic product.

Analysts mentioned the FIFA soccer World Cup 2006 and the country’s general election as other factors that boosted ad spending in Brazil last year.

Pay TV was the sector that presented the highest growth in ad spending in 2006. The sector’s ad spending reached $244 million in the period, up 41.6% from 2005. But the pay TV share in the country’s total ad spending reached just 3%.

The Internet sector has also attracted more advertisers. Its ad spending reached $167 million in 2006, up 36%. But as in the case of pay TV, the Internet sector’s share of the total spending is small, amounting to just 2%.

The mighty free-to-air nets, led by TV Globo, continued to pocket the bulk of the country’s ad spending. The open-TV sector had a share of 59.3% of Brazil’s total spending in 2006. The sector pocketed $4.77 billion last year, up 8.9% from 2005.