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Jim Jackoway and Barry Tyerman

Hollywood Law Impact Report

Firm: Jackoway Tyerman Wertheimer Austen Mandelbaum & Morris

The practice: The firm specializes in transactions for all areas of the motion picture, television and music businesses, and includes personal representation for clients such as David Letterman, J.J. Abrams, Rod Stewart, Sean Connery and Anthony Minghella.

Tyerman, a UCLA grad who grew up a rock ‘n’ roll fan and compares his early career to that of the protagonist’s in “Almost Famous,” handled tax scenarios for Elton John fresh out of law school. With his expertise in the tax field, and knowledge of British law, he launched relationships with Michael York, Michael Caine and a slew of other top U.K. talent.

“The real delight of my career is that I’ve been able to represent such a broad range of people in different job categories,” Tyerman says.

In describing the change in writing contracts today compared with 20 years ago, he adds, “New media have forced the deals to be more complicated and more interesting.”

Jackoway — a Yale law grad and former Wall Street corporate lawyer who has been at the firm since 1985 — adds: “Vertical integration has created a new and different list of concerns and problems for attorneys of A-list clients. The studios are not quite sure what their business models will look like, and our job is to anticipate — however we can — where the money is going to be coming from.”

POV: “The challenge is to find and take these new technologies and expand opportunities while protecting rights,” Tyerman says.

“Together, as a firm, we strategize on which deals to make — not based on the size or shape of the deal — but which makes the most sense for a particular client,” Jackoway adds.

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