There’s no biz like shoe biz

Kathleen 'Bird' York
When Kathleen “Bird” York walks up the red carpet at the Kodak Sunday night as nominee for the song “In
The Deep” from “Crash,” she’ll be wearing Stuart Weitzman shoes
adorned with priceless jewelry from the Rita Hayworth estate. This is the
first time Hayworth’s daughter Yasmin has allowed her mom’s jewelry
(from then-husband the Aly Kahn) to be used — it’s part of a fund-raising
effort for the Alzheimer’s Association. (Hayworth had Alzheimer’s.) The
jewels, rubies, sapphires and diamonds will then be duplicated by
Swarovski crystal and the shoes, signed by York,
and auctioned on the website, www.clothesoffourback.org.

Red Carpet bloggers
Joan Rivers and daughter Melissa, as well as E.T. and other interviewers who
delve into interesting fashion notes, have been informed of the coming

This is the sixth year celebs’ and nominees’ tootsies have
worn Weitzman shoes on the red carpet.  Their value has ranged from $2
million-$4million and proceeds have always gone to charity via followup. Among those
who will be wearing Weitzman shoes is  Sandra Bullock (“Crash”), whose
choice of a shoe occasioned Weitzman to (gladly)  change production at one
of his factories in Spain to get the shoes to Bullock on time… At Jane and Stuart Weitzman’s Thursday night
pre-Oscar party dinner at Christies in BevHills, York sang
“In The Deep.”… Among those applauding was Nicolette Sheridan, who was
there sans Michael Bolton — she explained he was in a session recording love
songs made famous by Frank Sinatra. Sheridan was also fielding queries about an engagement to Bolton.
But she smiled when I reminded her that I’d seen them arm-in-arm ogling rings
at Harry Winston’s on Rodeo Dr. Winston’s will be shining too at the Oscars
where they are again loaning their chef d’oeuvres to Hollywood’s finest.