Searching for a positive story in Iraq

“Sure I want to go back to Iraq,” “Nightline” correspondent Jake Tapper told me. He was in L.A. this week interviewing Laurie and Larry David, mostly Laurie and her HBO docu, “Too Hot Not To Handle” a frighteningly (true) story about global warming.

Tapper had appeared on Tuesday night’s “Nightline” seg which demonstrated that the show continues the integrity and courage established by Ted Koppel (now at the Discovery Channel).

Tapper and his “Nightline” producer Zoe McGee, in Iraq earlier this month, were searching for “a positive story — even a funny story” to counteract the criticism (by the administration) of the media’s coverage of the Iraq war, i.e. deaths of thousands of American servicemen, Iraqi civilians, daily car bombings, murders, etc.

The “Nightline” crew spoke to Iraq TV’s entertainment division head Ahmjad Hamid and then visited the set of an Iraqi sitcom called “Me And Lalyla” starring “the Danny DeVito” of Iraq, Oday Adel Satar.

The filming (on the set) ended when a phone call to the director told him that Hamid, the head of the entertainment division who had set up their interview a few minutes earlier, had been assassinated, shot by gunmen on his way to work.

The comedy set shut down and Iraqi TV sets then bore a black band on the screens. “Nightline’s” Tapper told me he wants to return — “It (Iraq) is the  most important story going on.” He added, “The Iraqi people are the most resilient and good-hearted — at least the majority of them are.” Congrats to “Nightline.”