The Good American

Clooney_george_1 George Clooney was seen in pre-taped interviews for “The Good German” this week while in real life he was indeed the  good citizen — again. His global mission is to end the murder — already past the 200,000 mark — of Darfur innocents .

He met earlier this week in China and Egypt and, Friday in N.Y., he continues the campaign with U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan.

Meanwhile, “Ocean’s 13,” in which he stars, went back for additional footage. Currently Clooney is also seen on tv screens — in commercials throughout the world (not in the U.S., however) as spokesperson for Nespresso. The subtle Clooney comedy forte is set in an Nespresso boutique bar. He is seen overhearing two women murmuring, “Rich–intense–sensual–unique.”  Then he realizes the women are talking about the coffee — not him. 

Clooney missed the bow of the first domestic Nespresso boutique bar — on Madison Avenue, as he was brewing attention internationally to the Darfur tragedy.

Military monkeyshines

Ten–shun! Film rights to “F-Troop,” the offbeat military sitcom of  the ’60s have been bought.  A screenplay’s be-ing written by Bobby Logan who, with producing partner Alan Hall, meets feature investors in the coming week. 

The series starred Forrest Tucker, Larry Storch and Ken Berry with wild guestints by Don Rickles, Milton Berle,  Phil Harris, Paul Lynde and Henry Gibson. Logan, who just completed “Yard Sale”– based on his divorce –includes, among his bigscreen credits, “Repossessed,” “Up Your Alley” with Linda Blair and “Meatballs 4” with Corey Feldman. Logan says the family-aimed “F-Troop” bigscreen budget is $25 milion.