“Star Wars” reunion

Mark Hamill is flanked by Chewbacca and Darth Vader at the 'Star Wars: Episode III -- Revenge of the Sith' premiere, May 2005Mark Hamill is readying, among many projects, “Fort Frankie” and the investors want him to make three dimensional computer-generated characters.

It’s an animated comedy about a building in a big city from the point of view of pets that live there. Mark asked his old boss George Lucas for whom he played “Star Wars'” Luke Skywalker if he could come up to Lucas’ Presidio location to get some CGI pointers.

“I spent an entire day,” Mark enthused to me. “Now the show will be computer generated, rather than the ‘line animation,’ like the cartoons we watched as kids.”

Hamill is also readying to direct a live action feature based on his graphic novel, “The Black Pearl.”

Paul Tamasy and Eric Johnson have joined the screenwriting team with Hamill who says the story “explores the moral uncertainty of our current times, with several new substantial characters and a new surprise ending sure to shock audiences — it’s like ‘Fargo’ meets ‘Batman.'”