Sights and Sounds in Washington

Steven Spielberg said he’s not really set on his next directorial outing. But the film will have to be with a “free fall” feeling. And it will probably be the next installment of  “Indiana Jones” he said, reminding  it will be the fourth reteaming with Harrison Ford, the most Stevens has worked with any actor, he reminded.

Fran Drescher lingered in D.C. post-awards to continue seeking Senatorial support for gynecological cancer research. She’s been a stalwart for years on the cause.

Sound: Itzhak Perlman calling Zubin Mehta “a mensch.”

Sight: Aretha Franklin’s show-stopping, show-opening gown.

Sight: The White House, decked out for Christmas with two giant nutcrackermen guarding the entrance, red-bordered wreaths lining the walkways, a giant, white Christmas tree in the blue room, a giant gingerbread White House replica protected behind ropes in the state dining room, Laura Bush in a wine-colored, two-piece Oscar de la Renta (a guest ditto’d),  and George W.  laughingly saying he’s  wearing the same rented tux from last year.

Sound:  When I asked if he’d seen any good movies lately, he laughed and said, “No.”