She Wasn’t the First One

Jessica Simpson wasn’t the first to re-do a song already sung on a Kennedy Center Honors show. Director Louis J. Horvitz said it was no big thing that Simpson re-did “Nine to Five” in her tribute to Dolly Parton. Frankly, we saw nothing wrong with her delivery as she scooted off stage above us  (in the first row). Horvitz, who has directed 15 Kennedy Honors, said it’s not unusual–f’rinstance, Beyonce Knowles’ rendition of “Proud Mary”  in her salute to Tina Turner last year. And Tina remained in the honors box as the sole member of the audience for Beyonce’s re-tape. On both occasions the ladies re-recorded their song 15 minutes after the audience left the grand hall en route to the ballroom bash.

P.S. Horvitz isn’t sure which of Jessica Simpson’s two versions they’ll use in the final airing on Dec. 26. His next show, also already taped, is “An Evening of Stars: A Tribute to Aretha Franklin,”  which will benefit the United Negro College Fund. The show airs on Jan. 26 on NBC. And he follows with the Oscars, Monday Feb. 25. There’s no re-takes on that show.