Secrets of “Brokeback Mountain”

Brokeback MountainThere’s more to the postcards than seen in “Brokeback Mountain.”

How do I know? Tom Gregory who announced he’d bought the four from the movie now tells me there was a fifth postcard not shown in the pic and he owns it as well.

The final card said, “Divorce came through — I’m working three shifts.”

Gregory will exhibit the four (mebbe the fifth?) postcards Saturday at the annual awards dinner of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation at the Kodak Theater.

How did Gregory get the film’s postcards? He trekked to Calgary and made a deal with the film’s propmaster — who wrote the cards in his own handwriting. Gregory stayed in the propmaster’s house three days to make the deal, he says.

As for acquiring the shirts, he bought ’em on eBay with a winning bid of $101,100.51. They’d been donated by Focus Films to Variety’s Children’s Charities of Southern Calif. which put them up for the sale on eBay.

“We’d never dreamed it would happen to us,” said Variety Clubs’ Executive Director Maria Schmidt.

Gregory describes the content of the other postcards:

  • The first: “I’m in town.”
  • Second: “You Bet.”
  • Third: “Return to sender — Deceased”
  • Fourth: A picture of the mountain.

Gregory will also display the collection April 28 at A Different Light bookstore in West Hollywood and plans to ditto at the SanFran store.

He says, “I don’t want to be known as a shirt man,” but wants to talk about health issues in the gay community.

He continues collecting vintage autographed movie personalities, the latest photo is of Thomas Ince and is  signed 1920. Ince died aboard the William Randolph Hearst yacht Nov. 19, 1924. The rumors of the cause of his death, including one that Hearst shot Ince, have circulated through the decades.