Robin and Billy together?

Robin Williams and Billy CrystalRobin Williams was joined by pal Billy Crystal at the preem of Robin’s “RV” Sunday night at the Mann Village in Westwood. But it was strictly out of friendship — they’re not planning a new film together.

When I caught up with Robin at the post-preem party he noted he starts another film, “License to Wed,” as a marriage counselor in two weeks. He just completed “Man of the Year” in which he’s a U.S. presidential candidate who takes a long vacation with his family and then heads back to Iraq in September.

Billy, meanwhile, has decided not to do the film version of “Hairspray” with John Travolta but is talking two films with New Line — one of which he’s written. As we were departing the Sunday “RV” soiree, we met up with Suzanne Lloyd and her teenage daughter Jackie. Suzanne is the granddaughter of Harold Lloyd and she’s owner- overseer of the Lloyd film treasures.

She noted Robin’s physical workout in “RV” reminds of Harold Lloyd. She had been invited to the preem of “RV” by producer Doug Wick. His first job had been as a tour guide at Greenacres, the legendary 16-acre Harold Lloyd estate now owned by Ron Burkle.

Harold Lloyd’s films will be released on DVDs throughout the coming year in France at the Paris Film Fest, the La Rochelle fest and the Tribeca fest screens “Speedy” April 30 and May 6. Universal releases DVDs in the UK preeming “The Freshman” Aug.29 in London with Carl Davis conducting a live orch.

On Sept. 15, at the Academy in BevHills, the silent “Welcome Danger” (1929), will be shown. Harold had scrapped his silent version when sound came in and it was never seen in the original version until this upcoming date. UCLA’s Bob Gitt put it back together and Sony added a music track. It’s not on any DVD — yet.

Same night, the Academy will exhibit 100 of the 4,000 nitrate negative stills donated by Lloyd. Variety’s review of “Welcome Danger (All Dialog)” on Oct. 23, 1929, said: “Harold Lloyd long held out against talkers but if there is any doubt in the minds of exhibs that his first isn’t a good Lloyd picture it should be dispelled immediately.”