Sherry Lansing and husband director William Friedkin returned to Hollywood Monday after a trip to Paris where the French Cinematheque honored him and will show one of his films daily through the coming month.

He is preparing three operas and two films.

En route home, they stopped in Boston where Sherry delivered a speech at the Simmons Graduate School of Management and next week she wings to Washington, D.C. where she’s on the National Board of Governors of the Red Cross.

She was overjoyed en route home to get word Alameda County Superior Court Judge Bonnie Sabraw declared the yes vote for Proposition 71 is indeed valid and now permits the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine to go ahead with its mandate to invest $300 million a year for ten years — a total of three Billion-$ — in stem cell research.

Lansing joined the initiative’s main proponent Robert Klein in expressing joy at the prospect that, as Lansing told me, “California will be the biomedical research center of the world and scientists from around the world will be coming here to be part of this research.”

Lansing’s other civic contributions include her post as chairperson of the Health Services for the regents of the University of California which includes the hospitals at UCLA, U.C. San Francisco, Davis and San Diego.

She was appointed to this eight-year post by Steve Westly, now State Controller — and a gubernatorial candidate.

When I asked Sherry about any involvements in the world of showbiz, she joyfully said, “Nothing. What I’m doing now is fulfilling — and invigorating.”