Although “Inseparable” is the title of the (lengthy) story on songwriters Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller in the L.A. Times’ West Magazine, March 19, Stoller is currently in New York working, sans Leiber, on a (hopefully) B’way bound musical with composer Artie Butler and lyrics by Iris Dart, author of “Beaches” which starred  friend Bette Midler. Leonard Foglia (“On Golden Pond”) is directing the story of a Jewish-Polish family which escapes and wends its way to B’way.

Leiber says partner Stoller “came to me and asked if it’s OK and mentioned Bette Midler as well. I said, ‘Be my guest.'”

After all, Leiber had worked sans Stoller over the years, too, with Artie Butler on “Down Home Girl” and with Phil Spector on “Spanish Harlem.”

But the duo continues to work together on many projects, plays, as well as songs. And they are particularly proud of having re-engineered Frank Sinatra’s recording (15 years ago) of their song, “The Girls I Never Kissed.” It’s in the feeling of “September Song” — and Leiber sang it to me to illustrate. They are looking for a romantic movie in which it could be the theme song. Any romantic movies out there today? Leiber and Stoller — and Frank Sinatra are ready to help.