Roasting with four-letter words

More four-letter’ing post-Oscar: The Fifth Annual Celebrity Roast did indeed “roast” BevHills realtor Stephen Shapiro with a panel which is required annually to set a record delivering more four-letter words per sentence. They did so March 11 at the BevHills Hotel. In addition to the panel of comedian roasters, surprise “toasters” included Caryne Shea — as an expectant mother — whose innuendos about Shapiro were obvious. And the piece de resistance was Heidi Fleiss who added flavor to the already-unprintable dialog.

As usual, Bob Saget set a record for more four-letter epithets per second than any of the other panelists: Jon Bronson, Eddie Pepitone and Brody Stevens. But, it was all in good (clean?) fun and raised $615,500 for the Kayne Eras Center in Culver City whose “mission is to provide the highest quality educational programs and therapeutic services to meet the needs, goals and hopes of individuals with special learning, emotional and developmental needs.” Needless to say, none of the Center’s children were in earshot of their well-meaning benefactors.