More music at Matteo’s

Matteo’s was one of Frank Sinatra’s favorite eateries and he would have been delighted — as I was — to find out one of the new owners is keeping music alive. Robert Heron, wife Claire and three of their nine children are the new owners.

Robert and son Vance are members of the Masters of Harmony — 110 strong — last year’s winner of the Barbershop Harmony Society’s International chorus championship in Salt Lake City. And on April 29 they perform in “Medal Madness” singing at the Terrace Theater in Long Beach.

They hope to perform at the Brentwood Theater with a chorus of residents on the Veterans’ Administration grounds. And when I asked him how about singing at Matteo’s, he said, “Someday — hopefully.”

Meanwhile the Heron family has renovated A Little Taste of Hoboken which adjoins Matteo’s. The Herons cocktailed-partied longtime patrons in the banquet room with a screening of a retrospective of the eatery — dedicated to Jackie Jordan, widow of Matteo’s founder Matty Jordan. David Slay, no stranger to the showbiz community, is now chef.

And talking about food — the Passover Seder is the theme of ThinkFilm’s “When Do We Eat.”

Jack Klugman is the senior member of the family (he’ll be 84, April 27) and he said he loved making — and eating — during the movie. He’s talking about returning to the stage with Eli Wallach in Frank Gilroy’s “Contact with the Enemy.”

Jack describes the play’s two-characters as holocaust survivors visiting a holocaust museum. “That’s all the jobs I’m getting, now,” laughed Klugman, “playing an old Jew.”